Thrust into an underground war between monsters of legend, Deirdre must entrust her safety to strangers who believe her to be the last known person to see their lost leader alive. Desperate to locate him, they help her navigate her memories from hallucination.

DEIRDRE, 17, is committed to a mental hospital for violent hallucinations by her foster parents. The head doctor, DR. JACOBS, oversees her care, assisted by DR. JOHNSON. Her days are filled with repetitive meal eating, pill taking and walks in the garden with a less than exciting twist of hallucinations thrown in. After which, Dr. Jacob’s must sedate her each time. She makes one friend, MANDY, during the year. Now, present day, after her most recent hallucination in her room, Dr. Jacobs’ increased a dosage on a medication. CONNOR, a new patient, walks in on her group therapy session the following day.

Finding her in the lunch room, he tries to befriend her. But Deirdre sees how little he regards the hospital and why she’s there, to get better. Telling him to leave her alone, she tries to ignore him. After he and Mandy have gone, Deirdre finds a note on a napkin on her tray reading “WAKE UP.” Thinking she’s seeing things again, she doesn’t point it out to anyone, and dumps it with the rest of the trash on the tray.

After some studying, NURSE 1 gives her her evening pills and she notices that a page in her book is missing the mark made to keep her place. Shrugging it off though, she goes to bed.

Connor breaks into Dr. Jacobs’ office and reads Deirdre’s file. Afterwards, he waits for her outside her room door. Upon her return, she’s less than pleased to see him there. He insists that she doesn’t belong there, to stop taking the pills and to wake up. She just tells him to go away. That night she dreams of herself as a small girl with an older man. They speak familiar to one another, like a grandfather would to a granddaughter.

The next morning, Connor tries one more time to convince her to think for herself, for once, on whether or not she belongs in the hospital. Again, she insists she does but follows him when he walks into the garden suspiciously. Ease dropping on him in the bushes, she hears him talking to someone, but only his side, like he’s on the phone.

Later, when it’s time for morning medications, she watches Connor purposely spit out his pills. However, she takes her new, increased dosage. Connor is then called to Dr. Jacobs’ office for his private session, while Deirdre begins to see a golden light in her vision while watching television.

Telling Nurse 1, she collapses, only to wake up strapped to a reclining, plastic chair. Dr. Johnson is there, demanding that she tell him what she sees. As he talks to her, she’s seeing the golden light take form, the Older Man from her dream, moving around the room in front of her. It doesn’t make sense to her though, and only frightens her. Dr. Johnson begins to lose his patience with her just as someone calls Dr. Jacobs during Connor’s private session to inform him of what Dr. Johnson is doing.

Cutting the session short Dr. Jacobs rushes to intervene with Dr. Johnson’s interrogation of Deirdre. Connor nearly bursts into the room when he hears her screaming in freight from her hallucination. The doctors are looking for something, but they have to cut things short when Dr. Jacobs’ worries that they will cause more damage to Deirdre’s mind. Sedating her again, they return her to her room to sleep the rest of the day.

Upon waking, she has no recollection of what happened after collapsing in front of Nurse 1. But that night, she thinks, putting things together. Finding a new paint smell on her wall, the wall she saw in a hallucination get ruined, she decides not to take her pills that evening, hiding them in her shoe. The next morning, Mandy points out that she seems happier. Deirdre doesn’t take her morning pills, as well and later buries all of them in the garden. After which, she bumps into Connor again. He’s picked up on her sobriety and makes note how long it will be before she goes through withdrawal and getting out of there.

Deirdre denies that she will be going with him and walks off. Later, during a private session with Dr. Jacobs, he is acting weird, off. He suspects, though, she doesn’t pick up on that.

Before settling in for the night, she fakes taking her pills one again. That night, she’s woken up by Dr. Jacobs entering her room. At the same time, Orderly 1 at the nurse’s station is knocked unconscious. Running out to the hall, Deirdre comes across Dr. Johnson, Dr. Jacobs partner, they know she stopped taking the pills. Connor arrives though, punching Dr. Johnson and leading Deirdre away. Outside in the garden, they stand off with Mandy, who has been working with the doctors all this time. Fending her and the doctors off, Connor is struck by a bolt of electricity that he absorbs rather than dies from.

With the doctors scared now, Connor takes Deirdre and disappears, literally. Reappearing with a small group of military-like individuals a few blocks away. She meets their leader, Shawn, before passing out. Hours later, the doctors receive a call from James, their boss, who is disappointed with Deirdre’s escape but gives them one more chance to find her.

Waking up in another hospital, this time unrestrained and there to heal, she learns from Connor and Shawn that she’s the last person to see their long-lost prince who can control the doorway between their world and the humans. The doctors are another group looking for the same thing, but whoever finds this prince first, ultimately gains control over the portal.

Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Olivia Rodrigo
Colin Ford
Author Bio:
Writer of scripts and books of various genres for both adults and children.

Contest Results:
Inroads Fellowship (Finalist) [2019]
Pitch Now (Finalist) [2019]
Los Angeles CineFest (Finalist) [2019]
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