After losing her father to her serial killer stepmother, Cinder joins forces with an all-female band of warriors. The women trade slippers and carriages for bows and arrows and hatchets to keep Cinders evil stepfamily from murdering their way to the throne.

After killing her father as a child, Greta grows up to be a black widow with two very similar daughters. Greta uses an ancient ring to bewitch Ella's father and kill him on their first night in their home. Ella's left as a servant to brutal and sadistic women. Her only saving graces are the two older maids and her new friend Fairy. One night Ella overhears a plot where Greta and her daughters plan to take over the thrown and gets caught eavesdropping. Ella is almost whipped to death. Due to one of the maid's quick thinking, she was able to escape with Fairy. Fairy reveals herself as Greta's younger sister. She then brings Ella, codenamed Cinder, into her army of females, and together they attempt to save the Prince and Royal family.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
In the Vein Of:
Brothers Grim/ Hans Christian Anderson Fairytales
Pans Labyrinth
Author Bio:
A Top 10 Sci-Fi Screenwriter @ AFF Danielle grew up sickly. She read & watched films to escape her symptoms. 3 yrs ago, she was told she had a rare autoimmune disease. She wrote her saga LEGACY while ill & undergoing chemo. She has won 56 awards, and 90 noms. She was invited to Imagine Impact & Stuart Lowder and Brian McKissick joined her team. Danielle writes fantasy & action-adventure scripts.

Contest Results:
Madrid Festival (Finalist) [2021]
RIIFF/Rhode Island (Semifinalist, Winner TBD) [2021]
FilmQuest (Finalist, Winner TBD) [2021]
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