5 Salespeople balance the stress of a sales goal and family life while entertaining raucous customers and working for a wild business owner.

Super Rep! explores the life of outside sales reps who never go into an office but live a crazy life trying to get customers to buy their products. They may get a buyer drunk on a golf trip and end up in a hot tub with strippers or take a CEO on a private jet to Mexico and end up in a hot tub with strippers. The craziness of dealing with all levels of a company in addition to the omnipresent pressure of sales goals leads to unintentional and intentional hilarious situations. Sales meetings, travel, broad spectrum of characters, and customer satisfaction all lead to funny situations and dialogue that are mostly real life for an outside sales rep. Turning these real-life situations into a sitcom gives the audience a glimpse into this lifestyle that many people don’t understand and might not believe exist. CHARACTER BIOGRAPHIES: Tier 1 Characters Brock. Was married at first to the bitchy wife in Hangover....then divorced. Dating life is wild. Finds 23 year old fun girls excited to fold his laundry and 47 year old cougars in a Range Rover. 2 good kids, good father, good salesman, overall good guy. Fun hobbies, party guy, loves boats, RV, Motorcycles, not afraid to take risks and pushes the envelope to the max in a calculated way. Quote from Episode 1, Scene 1: “By the way, don’t try any of that tiger penis chief….it’ll turn your dick into a dehydrated pepper.” Character inspiration: Vince Vaughn from Wedding Crashers/ Jason Sudeikis from Horrible Bosses. Sam: Tough, successful outside sales rep for OP. There’s sexual tension between her and Brock. She was married young and divorced with no kids a few years after as her husband cheated on her. She's guarded. One of the best sales reps OP has but by the book, very professional. Quote: “ Hi Erin. I’m Sam. Don’t worry about these sexist manpigs. I’ve survived for 13 years at Organics Plus dealing with these shitbags.” Ed/One F Jef: Loud, obnoxious, outspoken, opinionated, functioning alcoholic, old school. Just switched from a flip phone. Keeps a paper calendar in his shirt pocket. “What happened to faxing?, “These kids today”. Really loves the business and the “old ways”. Wants to do the right thing but at the end of his career and not afraid to speak his mind. Always asks the stupid question at 4:45pm when everyone else wants to get to the hospitality suite. He makes his sales goals. Jack Lemmon character in Glengarry Glen Ross combined with Chris Farley from Tommy Boy. JD: Indian guy who is new to sales. Parents from India...likes to go by the book. Millennial on steroids but not self-aware. Endearing, gets his foot in the door. Hard-working, wants to do the right thing, acts like a millennial but is critical of millennials. Entitled but unaware of his entitlement. Willing to put in the work. Hopes to open his own organic coffee shop. Derek: (Nick). OP Lifer. Great boss, too stressed, home life is good but busy but that’s by choice, always involved in something (Rotary, softball, church bake sale). Also at home in a strip club on the road smoking heaters and getting hammered. Inspiration: Rob Riggle Other Guys/Ron Swanson Parks and Rec

Script Excerpt
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Jason Sudeikis
Courtney Cox
Aziz Ansari
In the Vein Of:
Modern Family

Author Bio:
We are both new to TV scripts but had this great idea to write an edgy comedy based on our 40+ years of outside sales experiences.