When O’Clery, a high-profile Irish terrorist, is arrested at San Francisco airport, his deportation defense is led, surprisingly, by Sean Conlon, an inexperienced attorney. As the twists and turns unravel, Sean’s own family becomes the subject of an old betrayal.

BACKSTORY: For some, the past does not die quickly or easily. Whether distant or recent, a familial wrong festers, locked in the craw of subsequent generations. It begs revenge. In THE QUISLING, the spirit of a dead father, betrayed to enemy authorities by a supposed “friend,” calls out to his offspring from the grave for retribution. Even though the Quisling flees his native land and creates a new identity, it does not guarantee his safety. Eventually, he will be found. But the result might not be straight-forward; it can be gut-wrenching.

Synopsis: 1. Two wanted terrorists, O’CLERY and FLANAGAN, suspected of bombings in Malta, leave Ireland for Santa Francisco. 2. SAS agents are waiting to arrest the pair, but only capture O’CLERY. The wary FLANAGAN, together COLLEEN (“WHITE”), O’CLERY’S sister, flies to Los Angeles first. 3. The arrest of O’CLERY appears a set-up, especially when a young and inexperienced lawyer, SEAN CONLON (“fresh meat” as O’CLERY calls him), is appointed defense attorney in this high-profile extradition case. 4. When SEAN and COLLEEN finally meet, a mutual romantic attraction develops. She reveals the reason for O’CLERY’s visit: a twenty-year-old vendetta” O’CLERY’s father, betrayed by a friend, was executed by the British. The betrayer, quisling, now lives in San Francisco. 5. SEAN’s determination to win is part professional, part victory for his Irish American father, and part romantic interest in the enigmatic COLEEN. 6. However, amidst the partial truths known to each of the central characters lies a shocking familial reality. Ultimately, a terrible choice confronts SEAN: success in the courtroom could have disastrous personal consequences. 7. Meantime, in the background, manipulating events and waiting for the twists and turns to play themselves out, lurks the suave yet ruthless English prosecutor, BARCLAY-SMYTHE the puppet master, who controls all elements of this complicated puzzle.

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I was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales. I emigrated to the United States, receiving my MA and PhD from UCSB. I taught English studies and creative writing at CSU, Chico. I am a multiple national and international award-winning screenplay writer. I also have won awards for my stage plays and novels.

I love to explore and write, in serious and comic forms, stories of those who, through choice or happenstance, find themselves strangers in a strange land (or even in their own land).

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Contest Results:
Metropolitan (First Place) [2020]
Williamsburg Film & Music (First Place) [2020]
Royal Society Awards (Finalist, [2023]
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