Smallville: Double Red

Clark falls in love with one of his own.

On the heels of a string of extraordinary bank robberies across the state, a dirt poor circus comes to Smallville. It features Lorelai, a beautiful girl with red hair who demonstrates tremendous strength in the presence of red kryptonite. She was sensitized during the meteor shower that delivered Clark as a baby to earth. Now she's grown up, the same age as Clark, and yearns to be normal and fall in love. When she discovers that Clark's reaction to red kryptonite is to become extremely emotional, she uses her ring made from the substance to trick Clark into falling in love with her against the wishes of Clark's parents. The two super teens feel normal at last in each others' arms. Meanwhile, Lex and Lionel Luther discover the powers of the red substance on normals and attempt to steal the ring. As Clark spends more and more time with Lorelai, Lana and Chloe feel neglected by him and scheme to get him back. At the circus, Bastian, Lorelai's father, tries to get his daughter to use her powers to rob one more local bank. In the nick of time, Clark realizes the value of his friendship with Lana and Chloe when they turn up missing. Together with Lorelai, he rescues Lana and Chloe from Bastian who took them hostage when they discovered his bank robbing ways. In the heat of the rescue, Clark talks Lorelai out of using her powers for evil. He also thwarts the Luthors' scheme by destroying the ring.

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2005 graduate of UCLA TFT's MFA Program in Screenwriting. Grad. of UCLA TFT's Advanced Prof. Program in Screenwriting, 2001. Teaching Assistant to Disney screenwriter Dee Caruso in UCLA's Department of Theater, Film and Television Summer Screenwriting Program, 2000. AFI's Screenwriting Course of Study, 1998. Consulting Producer/Writer, Cohen Brown Picture Company, Los Angeles, CA. Consulting Producer on L. A. Dreams, a 14-episode documentary series on the lives of Chinese foreign students in America, at Palette Studios, Los Angeles, CA.

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Scriptapalooza TV (Semifinalist, 2002) [2002]
Austin Fest Film (Quarterfinalist, 2004 Prime Time Competition) [2004]
Acclaim TV (Semifinalist, 2002) [2002]