Promises, Promises

Life crisis. Mid-life crisis. And, after life crisis. A middle-aged newlywed couple handles their careers while dealing with his annoying ex-wife, her eccentric thirteen year old love child, and the frighteningly obnoxious, very dead ex-husband.

Sally and Greg were high school sweethearts. Reuniting again after thirty years, and have recently married. A professional woman fifty years young, having a successful career in business, Sally now runs an antique consignment shop while viewing Greg's acting career from the side lines. Greg, a struggling actor with a broad range has been trapped playing short lived villains and is still looking for that "big break". To further cloud Greg's focus on his career there's Theresa. The teenage love child from one of Sally’s past romances with an uncertain bloodline, Theresa proclaims herself a descendant of British royalty. Preferring to be know as Jenny, her speech and actions are something right out of "Pygmalion". Theresa has chosen Greg's ex-wife Amelia to be her BFF. Thirty-something,ditsy and annoying, Sally has come to accept Amelia as that of an older teen stepdaughter. Making his appearances and disappearances is Sally's deceased ex-husband Pablo. Showing up whenever, and wherever he desires, Pablo is constantly testing Sally's patience and Greg’s devotion. A veteran, stud and a gambler, he bounces back and forth in time, running from trouble and sometimes bringing trouble back with him.

The story itself has the strength to enjoy numerous plot twists and interchangeable story lines.

Script Excerpt
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Kristie Alley type
Brad Garrett type
Mark Consuelos type
In the Vein Of:
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Old Christine
Author Bio:
Writer, Poet, Actor and Photo Artist.

A Bronx native, Ray DeFeis began acting on the Off-Off Broadway stage in New York City after receiving Honors in Dramatics from Evander Childs H.S. in 1972. Serving in the U.S. Naval Reserve, Ray continued performing in various regional theaters until eventually settling back home in N.Y.C.

Ray approaches all his roles with commitment and dedication, bringing a fresh new life to any character he portrays.

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Writers Place (Finalist, 2008) [2008]
Movie Deal! (Finalist, 2009) [2009]
American Gem Short (Quarterfinalist, 2009) [2009]