When burned-out ruins appear in a Kansas cornfield, an archeology professor discovers that the Wicked Witch of the West has returned and now threatens the Earth as well as Oz.

When the radioactive, burned-out ruins appear in a Kansas cornfield, Elliot Crawford, an archeology professor, is sent to investigate. Elliot discovers that the ruins are the remnants of the Emerald City and that the Wicked Witch has returned and threatens the Earth as well as Oz.

The sheriff does not believe Elliot, who soon finds himself the chief suspect because he once opposed a university nuclear laboratory near the ruins.His only allies are a band of refugees from Oz, led by a weakened Glinda the Good.

The band must stop the Witch from stealing nuclear materials from the lab and from recovering the witchs broom from the Dorothy Gale Homestead in Butterfield. The band fails to prevent the Witch from retrieving the broom. Elliot and Glinda retreat and regroup to prepare for final battle at the nuclear lab against the Witch and her human and fairy minions.

Meanwhile, Elliot finds himself falling in love with Glinda. Glinda begins to feel the same about him. Hers is an unusual character arc, as she moves from a two dimensional magical creature to a being capable of human love. Yet, if they succeed in defeating the Witch, the fairy and real dimensions will separate and the lovers will be parted forever.

In the final battle at the nuclear installation, the Wicked Witch has the upper hand, but is tricked, or more correctly outsmarts herself. When she uses her famous ball of fire against the Scarecrow in the nuclear lab, she sets off fire sprinklers and melts in waters that put out the flames. Glinda and Elliot are parted in mid kiss as their worlds separate. But, love has a magic all its own that can bridge all dimensions.

Script Excerpt
Starring Roles For:
Luke Wilson
Scarlett Johansson
Cate Blanchett
In the Vein Of:
The Wizard of Oz
Notting Hill
Author Bio:
If life is three acts, screenwriting is my fifth act. Born in Charleston South Carolina, I earned an undergraduate degree in history from Univ. of South Carolina, magna cum laude. Later, I graduated from two of the nation's best med schools -- a J.D. from Duke and a Ph.D. in political science from Johns Hopkins. This was my poetry phase with 100 poems in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies.

In my next act, I taught at the University of Texas in Austin.

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Contest Results:
Carolina Festival (First Place) [2010]
EXPOSURAMA (First Place, for fantasy) [2011]
Worldfest - Houston (Second Place, Gold Remi - fantasy/scifi) [2006]
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