Jane, The Legend of Mountain Charley

A woman in the 1850's gives up her children to The Sisters of Mercy, changes into men's clothing and spends the next twelve years looking for her husband's killer. She was fifteen years old and this is a true story. Jane is an award-winning script.


In the mid, 1850’s a young woman named Jane Guerin Jane was forced to give up her children to a charity in St. Louis and rely on the support of one of her husband’s rich friends. Jane cut her hair, put on a man's suit with a knife in her boot and spent twelve years, dressed as a man, looking for Jameson, the man who killed her husband in a gambling dispute. She was fifteen years old and this is a true story.

She called herself Charley for which she finally became a legend. She headed a wagon train once from Colorado to California and as Charley – she was the only woman (unknown to any) among sixty men, their chattel and their cattle.

During those twelve years Jane worked on the Rail Road, worked as a cabin boy on a River Boat, owned a bar in Denver, Colorado, ran wagons trains from Missouri to California and finally in the gold fields of Colorado, inside a quiet bar on Cherry Street in downtown Denver, she met a man named Guerin and had the romance of her life until they were married. He was her bartender and she was the woman he had waited for all his life.

She found the man who shot her husband, Jamieson, twice. She shot him once on both occasions and she was shot once herself in the first confrontation. In the end, Jamieson died of yellow fever while in jail waiting for his trail for killing Jane’s husband.

Jane was interviewed by Horace Greeley from the New York Times and she was famous in the gold fields of Colorado where her legend grew even greater from the care she gave to sick and down-and-out miners.

This is an epic, action/adventure style story coupled with an old fashion romance and the true story of a woman who survived in a man's world when the world was men - fighting and scratching an existence from the ground up in the old West when the end of the collected united states stopped at Deadwood.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Amy Adams
Lance Henricksen
Aaron Eckhart
In the Vein Of:
Wild Bill
Wyatt Earp
Author Bio:
Mark Mc Quown is an Award Winning/Produced playwright, an Award Winning/ Optioned/Produced screenwriter with many finished scripts listed in

Mr. Mc Quown has been honored with winning at the 1997 Santa Clarita International Film Festival, Animation Division with The Rocking Horse Christmas, the 2000 Telluride Independent Film Festival with The Tahoe Signal, the 2002 Telluride Independent Film Festival with Dot Gone and the 2002-2003 Key West Independent Film Festival with Pier 21.

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