The king of Israel marries a Phoenician Princess, who is consumed by Baal worship, wanting to kill all devout Hebrews. God’s prophet challenges the king to repent in spite of the threat of death.

Despite the commandment of the Lord, Ahab marries Jezebel, a Phoenician princess. Jezebel is consumed by Baal worship and wants to gain ultimate power as a goddess for Baal and has many people build a Baal temple. Her plan is to make the whole nation turn away from the living God and worship Baal instead. Jezebel sends troops to the different tribes of Israel to kill adult Hebrews and take young boys and girls captive for her purpose. Among them are Hannah and Peter from Elijah’s hometown Tishbe. At the dedication of the Baal temple, Elijah shows up and speaks in the name of the Lord defying the very thing Baal stands for fruitfulness and rain. Elijah conveys God’s message that it will not rain until he says

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I am an award-winning screenplay writer of original screenplays and adaptations. I studied Theology with a minor in Child Education at Christ for the Nations, Dallas, TX.

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International Christian FF (Finalist) [2018]
Circus Road (Semifinalist) [2015]
True Story Showcase (Finalist) [2015]
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