A Dying Business

The story of a father and son who manage a funeral Business that is literally is dying. When a wonder drug comes a long to perlong life, this seems like the end for their business.

What happens to a funeral business when a doctor finds a serum to prolong life? Our story is about sonny's funeral home, owned and operated by sonny and his son, junior. Their main compeditor, elliot, will do anything to destroy their business. To make life interesting, junior is in love withelliot's daughter, and they want to get married. But then, uncle henry calls sonny, tells his he has been taking the life prolonging serum and doesn't want to live anymore. Sonny and junior try to talk uncle out of ending his life, He wants to die with dignity. Sonny and junior put uncle Henry through life threating schemes to help him end his miserable existence. But now, uncle is enjoying the cigars, the booze, the girls, the roller coaster rides the brighter side of life. A turn of events at a buffet leaves everyone in shock. Approaches later by those in the nursing home where uncle lived, want sonny to help them enjoy life to the fullest, and give their lives peace.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Adam Sandler
jason alexander
John Malkovich
In the Vein Of:
Death at a Funeral

Author Bio:
I was a writer and producer of a local children's cable show. Writer, creator and publisher of comic books.