Sandwich Generation

A white woman and her longtime Korean boyfriend have to take in their fathers, hers because he’s a broke compulsive gambler and his because his fifth wife just threw him out while a third generation gets added when they decide to foster an at-risk African American boy who keeps breaking into their garage to raid a box of porn magazines.

Elsie Whitlock (late 30s) and her father, Jake (70s) argue about his need to go to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting, he agreed but then covertly punctures his tire so he doesn’t have to go. While Elsie’s boyfriend, Nate Song (late 30s) reluctantly helps him change his flat tire, he notices that the garage has been broken into and a box of porn magazines has been tipped over. While Nate and Elsie discuss the break in, her father’s bookie shows up for a payment on a bet for lost on the Miss America pageant and Nate’s father, Pete (70s) gets dumped off by his 5th wife who kicked him out because he’s a hoarder, Nate also has this tendency.

The garage gets broken into a second time while their neighbors, two gay guys who are hoping to flip their house for a profit, watch with dismay. The box of porn magazines has been disturbed again. Elsie and Nate argue about the box and where it’s still there. She asked him to get rid of it, he replaced the old. Falling apart box but kept the magazines. Nate notices there are empty water bottles and candy wrappers, as well as a blanket, in the garage. He places food and water for the intruder. He notices that whoever is breaking in is also looking at his extensive blues albums collection. He puts the Muddy Waters records back into the box and takes out the Howling Wolf records for review.

The garage gets broken into a third time as the fathers are upstairs arguing, they see the person inside the garage and call the police. Everyone, including the neighbors, goes to the garage to witness the arrest. It is an African-American boy, Darrel (14) who reveals his has been sleeping in the garage because he’s run away from an abusive group home. Elsie and Nate discuss fostering him, they decide to but the fathers try to sabotage their efforts. Jake releases some pet rats in the house and Pete pitches a fit every time the couple tries to throw something away. Elsie and Nate trick the fathers and dump them off at a nursing home because they are sick of their behavior. At first, Jake is totally comfortable because it turns out his bookie also lives there but it’s a depressing place. Stranded, the fathers have no money on them so they start calling each of Pete’s ex-wives for a ride as Jake’s bookie collapses from a heart attack.

They return to the house, promise to behave and pitch in to help make the final meeting with the foster agency go well, they turn their afflictions into assets. When Pete hears that Darrel’s other foster parents didn’t keep his report cards, he reveals that he has kept every report card Nate ever got and when Jake hears this, he asks if they are organized, he pitches his neat-and-tidy tendencies to help Darrel with managing his life. The foster agency gives them custody of Darrel.

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Written by:
TV Pilot
In the Vein Of:
The Odd Couple
Dharma and Greg
Author Bio:
-2020 My 4 Bodies Screencraft Semifinalist (play) -2020 Sandwich Generation Fimmatic Semifinalist (sitcom) -2020 Water (short, preproduction) -2020 Record Man: The Bob Koester Story (in production) -2018 100,000 Miles a Second Writer/Producer (short) -2018 Page Awards Semifinalist -2018 Knight Finalist -2017 Nicholl Quarterfinalist -2017 Page Awards Semifinalist -2017 Knight Finalist -2016 Knight Finalist -2016 True Story Semifinalist for When Doves Cry -2015 Screenwriters Workshop Winner -2012 Champion Screenwriting Competition Finalist for Anatomy of a Town 2012 Contest of Contests Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2011 Writers on the Storm Quarter-Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2011 Chicago Screenwriters Network Finalist for One More Day -2011 Bluecat Fellini Semifinalist for Anatomy of a Town -2010/11: KCBX-FM Radio Production of Anatomy of a Town to air during the 2011 San Luis Obispo Film Festival -2010 Champion Screenwriting Competition Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2010 Santa Fe Writer's Project Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2010 Austin Film Festival Second Round for Anatomy of a Town -2010 SWW-MN Leave 'Em Hooked Winner for Date of Death -2010 IFP-MN Screenplay Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2009 PAGE Awards Quarter Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2009 IFP-MN Screenplay Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2008 SWW-MN Leave 'Em Hooked Finalist for Anatomy of a Town -2006 Fringe Festival Production (Director/Co-Writer) -2004, IFP-MN Screenplay Finalist -University of MN graduate, BA in English Creative Writing.

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