"The Dirty Dozen" meets "Black Hawk Down" in Mexico. Seven post-stressed war vets are hired by Mexican businessmen and a billionaire mercenary contractor to rescue a Sierra Madre town overrun by warring drug cartels. High-tech merc warfare, twisted heroism and ironic plot twists climax in a battle that inspires the locals to take up arms against the cartels, giving birth to a new Mexican revolution.

Pueblo Infierno, once a thriving Mexican town with shops, cantinas and its own microbrewery, is now a bullet-riddled drug-war zone. Most of its townspeople have fled for their lives. Ruling its streets are armored SUVS and narcotanks, as cartels battle each other for the last drug route through the Sierre Madres.

The few businessmen left are fed up with the cartels' domination, the deaths of families and friends. Led by VILLA, the great-grandson of Pancho Villa, and brewery owner GARCIA, they raise $5 million to find the world’s best soldiers with the help of LUCIFER KING, a wealthy private military contractor a la Erik Prince.

A fanatical born-again Christian, King matches their five mil with a cool billion and offers a final-solution mission: to wipe out all the cartels of Mexico and take over the most dangerous hellhole on earth. With just a few good men...

Seven mercenaries whose time is over, most of them burned-out war vets. Some search for meaning in their lives, most are just desperate for cash. The reward: $10 million each. Only one job requirement: no family, no baggage, nothing left to lose.

Our narcokillers are a brutal, damaged bunch: ex-SEAL leader JACK, plagued by family loss and suicidal rage...his buddy CORKY, a demolition expert whose only cure for post-stress syndrome is killing...KYLE, a Native-American who mastered the art of Apache tracking methods in the hunt for Bin Laden...JAMAR, a born-again ex-Crips gangbanger turned special-ops soldier...BILLY BOB, a racist chopper pilot...MARIUSZ, a drunken but lethal Polish Army parachutist...and ANN FRANK, an ex-Moussad female sniper and Israeli alpha superbitch.

The mercs start out as hired guns with few or no morals, their heroism powered only by ego, pride and the samurai fatalism of a dying breed that’s been outsourced by technology. It’s a suicide mission, but these warriors are going out in style.

The action begins where The Wild Bunch ends, seven mercs against untold numbers of narco terrorist soldiers. The small town becomes a blood-soaked killing field. The cartel armies just keep coming and coming. The mercs gain temporary control of the town to allow Mexican families to return to their homes, until all hell breaks loose as the cartels are reinforced by corrupt federales.

Betrayal propels the third act, coming from the outside world: the DEA and self-serving U.S. political interest thwarted by the narcokillers’ “illegal” actions. This betrayal only provokes our anti-heroes into explosive acts of rage and retribution.

A high-testosterone mix of The Dirty Dozen and Black Hawk Down in Mexico, NARCOVILLE offers high-tech merc warfare, darkly twisted heroism and an unexpected action climax that inspires the locals to take up arms and wage a citizens’ war against the drug cartels, giving birth to a new Mexican revolution.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Colin Farrell
Jason Stratham
Channing Tatum
In the Vein Of:
Dirty Dozen
Black Hawk Down
The Wild Bunch
Author Bio:
ANTON DIETHER is the writer of the Hallmark TV miniseries Moby Dick, the highest-rated long-form show in basic cable history, nominated for five Emmys and two Golden Globe Awards; ABC-TV miniseries Cleopatra; and Hallmark miniseries Stranded. Anton developed Beauty and the Beast for Fox, Land of Oz for Disney, Gold Fever for Phoenix Pictures, Operation Greylord for Showtime, Lost At Sea for TNT; currently Gang of Dreams TV miniseries for Little Studio Films, The Revolt for Revolt Prods, Taj Mahal for Threshold Ent.

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