The Puzzle People

Berlin cold war aftermath: A Woman reconstructs shredded Stasi documents and stumbles upon a murder committed days after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Her curiosity gets the best of her and she almost gets killed. The Puzzle People screenplay is an adaptation of the Berlin Spy Mystery by Doug Peterson.

Annie O’Shea finds a job position in Germany, reconstructing shredded Stasi documents. She puzzles together documents from a large bag and stumbles upon a murder committed after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The bag holds written evidence of two couples from the time the Iron Curtain was built until the fall of it.

The couple’s stories start in East Berlin after the communistic party cut borders right through the middle of Berlin separating families overnight.

Katarina flees East Berlin by choice, leaving her boyfriend Stefan Hansel behind. Later on, she is instrumental to help other East Berliners escape into the Western side of Berlin. Stefan Hansel, her boyfriend, becomes an informer for the Staci, and his assignment is Elsa Kraus.

Peter arrives involuntarily in the West by a runaway train busting through the borders. He leaves behind his fiancé Elsa Kraus. Elsa Kraus is imprisoned by the Staci until she submits to become an informer as well.

In the present time, Annie shares her work space with Kurt Hilst, who takes a liking to Annie and they start going out together.

One of their co-workers commits suicide, so they say, but another coworker insists that it was murder. She also tells Annie that Kurt is not as innocent as he appears to be.

Annie spies on Kurt one day and witnessed him meeting with her boss, Adler, and both have a heated discussion. She distrusts him after that and distances herself from Kurt.

Annie sees her boss meet with a familiar looking woman. At lunch, she snoops around her boss’s office finding only a phone number. She gets caught by Kurt, but he takes her side and they team up. They also find out that their office is bugged.

It dawned on Annie who the murderer of Stefan Hansel is. Kurt and Annie meet in his apartment to talk about it. At the same time, Kurt reveals his past to Annie, when he was a boy.

The murderer comes to Kurt’s home and holds him and Annie at gunpoint. They are able to escape but there are more people trying to assassinate them because they know too much.

The chase is fierce and Kurt and Annie almost get killed. In the end, the law unfolds a series of Informant conspiracies which continued after the Iron Curtain came down into our present day.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Liam Neeson
Diane Kruger
Caroline O'Neil
In the Vein Of:
The Lives of Others

Author Bio:
I am an award winning writer of original screenplays and adaptations. I studied Theology with a minor in Child Education at Christ for the Nations, Dallas, TX. I am bilingual in English and German.

Contest Results:
Table Read (First Place, in historical category) [2013]
Gideon (First Place, adaptation and original) [2013]
Adapted Story (Finalist) [2015]
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