Kidnappers Beware

A tough mercenary hunts the predatory slave trader who has snatched his young nephew. The boy's ex S.A.S. mum joins in the chase. (High Concept)

Kidnappers Beware Synopsis Ex. S.A.S. trainee, Jenny Maclean has her engaging twelve-year-old son Simon snatched by Wazim and Blunt, the child procurers of rich Fadwell. Frantic Jenny calls in ex-mercenary Baxter, her S.A.S. buddy. His team consists of all ex S.A.S. loyal Angus, money loser Johnnie and blunt Scot, Jock. Jenny discovers Fadwell’s address. She and Baxter watch his flat and Baxter breaks in, discovering Brands Hall, where Fadwell holds his captives. Baxter invades Brands Hall but is captured by Fadwell and Blunt. Jenny tracks him and frees him, incapacitating Blunt. Jenny explores Brands Hall. She is caught by Fadwell, who she lays out, plus some of his men. She discovers Simon’s destination in Devon, UK. Wazim and Blunt make for Lulworth Cove with Simon, who escapes into the New Forest. Wazim captures him after a chase. They are met by Georgette, Fadwell’s child transporter. Wazim wants Simon to sell and forces Georgette at knife point into the dark. There’s a shot and to Simon’s relief, Georgette appears. They bury Wazim. Georgette leaves with Simon for the yacht. Baxter and group attack Brands Hall. (Could be Fulford Manor near Exeter.) They destroy Fadwell’s armed force and make for Lulworth. Jenny drives to the yacht. In the yacht Simon runs from a guest. Fadwell delays the guest till his payment has come through. Jenny and Baxter are ambushed by Fadwell but eventually freed by Simon. Fadwell escapes into the dark. Johnnie, threatened by money lenders, ties up Simon, ready to sell him back to Fadwell.. As the other boat approaches at night, Simon head butts Johnnie into the water. Then he kicks the crewman into the sea. Baxter arrives to find Simon “in control”. Johnnie is spared. Safe at home, they settle for the night. Fadwell uses ether to lay out Simon and bundles him into his car. He gets in to drive away but Jenny is in the passenger seat. She keeps him for the cops. Jenny, Baxter and Simon are together once more. Jenny lays on a theatre visit for Simon. He dances with a girl and Jenny and Baxter join them happily. THE END.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
12 year old boy
Angelina Jolie
Liam Neeson
In the Vein Of:
Author Bio:
Teacher of English and Maths. Ex soldier British army. Father of three. Writer & Producer of Fight Back, Teen, Action on Youtube. Writer & Producer of Young Escapers, 12+