Screenwriting Expo 3 Announces Screenwriting Competition Quarterfinalists

The Expo 3 Screenplay Competition received over 1400 screenplays this year. The top ten percent have advanced to the quarterfinalist stage:

(Please note that several scripts entered into the contest had the same title, so double-check title and author.)

101% Laura Jacqmin

11.11 Justin Adams

1600 Matt Marx

.30/06 (Thirty-Ought-Six) Chris & Jim Burnham

42nd & Bombay Kerry Douglas Dye & Jordan Hoffman

A Black Sun Rises Chris Chisholm

A Death in Berlin David Jahar

A Death in Concord Connie Tonsgard

A Psalm of David Gene E. Conroy

A Simple Man With A Simple Plan Jeffrey Robert Davis

Abduction Marc Valle

Abigail Hartman James Hacking

Ace of Aces Nancy Froeschle & Stephen Trow

An Unkindness of Ravens Brian Michael Martin

Art of Deception Kevin Caruso

Bad Credit Bridgett Michele Lawrence

Becoming Ben Cross Armano Rodriguez

Better Mouse Trap Scott Cunningham

Between Dreams and Nightmares David Byrne

Big Cypress John Muscarnero

Blackbeard: A Pirate's Tale Aric Hornig & Robert Walker

Blood and Feathers Tom Conigliaro

Boys in Red Jeffrey Robert Davis

Camelot '64 Stephen Lincoln & Alan Cockrill

Charlie and Billy Ed Johnson Ashley L. Clark

Charlie Gags: Days of the Gangsters C.K. Freeman

Cobwebs Janet Rogers

Cold Showers Rebecca Heck

Containment Brad Campbell

Copper Jim Clayton & Leechelle Ryan

Cotton Erin Welch

Counterpoint Christopher L. Schaefer

Cut Out of the Picture Gil Christner

Dead and Breakfast John Pusztay

Dead Heat Noushin Jahanian

Dreams of Michelangelo Lizanne Southgate

Deadline Sonny Dyon

Devil's Horn Paul Traynor

Diamonds in the Rough Jonathan Seubert

Distribution David Matthew Guest

Django George Gellert

E.R.A. Michelle Molhan-Zang

Echo Joe Henderson

Elizabethan Ink Tanya Campolin

Empty Nesters Jerry Stroud

Enjoy the Ride Wendy Menara

Falling Over Venus Andrea Bailey

Fat Suit Warren Clarke

Feeling Prescott Lon Zimmett

Fight For Your Life Charles Mitri

Finding Sousa Jill Weinberger

Finding The Perfect Ending Nick Diaz

For Patriot’s Dream Jo Horne Schmidt

Garden of Delights Sydney Blue

Getting Even Janet Maxwell

Ghosts of the Old West Chance Williams

Giant Steps Michael North

Grant Martin Benchoff

Griz Don Grail

Hannibal Jack Davidson

Hatfield's Rain Iris Yamashita

Haven Town Massacre Michael Hanley

Hellcats Michael Lifshey/Scott Kradolfer

Hidden Richard A. Hamilton

Hidden Faith Jeff Shevlowitz

Hollywood, Texas Mike Murphy

Hopper David Alex Kurtz

I.D. Withheld Paul Venables & Karlene Meenahan

Imaginary Friends John Stancari

Jeannie and the Shadows Robert Benziker

Johnny Superhero Richard J. Silva

Kate Loves Spiffy Terry Linehan

Keeping Up With the Jones' Derek Vaughn

Kosovo Tim Guay

Lawyers, Guns and Money Jeffrey Robert Davis

Locked Juli C. Lasselle

Loose Ends Steve Allrich

Love-N-Jets (Autumn Falls) William Tae Smith

Lycanthrope Robb Badlam

Mariner Matthew Morra

Meaningless Sex James Cude

Melody's War David Cooper

Michelangelo Lorelei Armstrong

Minotaur Lara Bernini/Anne Bernini

Nature of the Beast Eric Sentell

No Dreary Hearts In Love Ryan Reed

Not Here, You Won't Jack Kilpatrick

Plainville, Vermont Jon Seamans

Privateer Josh M. Cartin

Probation Tracy M. King-Sanchez

Psychic Games Larry L. Kessler

Pursuit Tobias Iaconis

Queen of the Night Patrick Youngblood

Raze Fury: Who's Your Daddy? Kurt Murray

Redemption's Run Jane L. Fredericksen

Remember The Buffalo Scott Montgomery

Ride the Wind James Gregory Jackson

Robert Goes Abroad Andre Lewis Carter

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tim Wells

Sacred Heart William Berryman

Sandman Thomas A. Kenworthy

Scratch S.M. Stellmacher

Se Busca Carolina Paiz

Second Chances Terri Sissman

Shadowmen Dan Loschack

Shootings Mark Goodrich

Slappy Goes to Hollywood Chris Pentzell

Sole Pursuit Jason Siner

Soul Alley Matt George

Soul of the Mountain Beth Quartarolo

Soulmate James Cude

South Central Knights Jovian Deadees & Toya Russell

Split Infinity Nova Jacobs & John Douglas Sinclair

Spy in the Web Thirza Ann Finlinson

Still Alive Andrew Kincaid

Suicide Watch Gayla Betts

The Birdfeeder of Pender Island Robert Horvath

The Crimson Hour Ryan Scott Wick

The Devil's Bargain Joseph Flynn

The Doomsday Order Ken Miyamoto

The Drowning Clan Gabriel White Turkey

The Evening and the Night Lorelei Armstrong

The Expendables Erin Engman

The Expense of a Man Melissa Emery

The Four Horsemen Jose E. Mijares

The Great Mendenhall Bank Robbery Eric Dunning

The Guild Phillip Landa

The Littlest League David Cribbs

The Man in the Black Dress Bob Germon

The Other Guy Norman Solomon

The Other Woman Kurt Smith

The Raft of the Medusa Mark J. Hudelson

The Rogue's Gallery Brian Watanabe

The Senator's Wife William Hyland

The Snowmen Jeff Swanson/John Dart

The Vampire Murders C.S. Torres

They're Still With Us John C. Manigaulte

Thunder in the West Scott Tyler Grant

Time Tours Debbie Cimafranca

To Catch A Keeper Mary Huckstep

Turgosheim Janson Mancheski

Vanity Unbound Todd Carney

Viking Betty J. Reeves

Vineyard Sound Eric Molinsky

Wandering Jew Tom O'Donnell

War Stories Ryan Reed

Wheelman Gregg Zehentner & Scott Barkan

Who's Beside You Now? Chuck Loch

Wild Royal Marilee Ryan

Within the Attic Eric G. Ekaut

You're the One David Ash

Updated: 10/06/2004

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