Praxis Announces Fall 2007 Winners

The Praxis Centre for Screenwriters has announced the following writers and projects for their Fall 2007 Workshops:

The six finalists:

Truck Stop by Bonnie Fairweather, Toronto, ON
Chivalry by Rudy Thauberger, Vancouver, BC
Monument Valley by Andrew Hunt, Waterloo, ON
Daisy Baby by Elaine Littmann, Vancouver, BC
The Dark Angel by Deborah Chow, Mississauga, ON
Struck by Lynne Kamm, Toronto, ON

The following projects made the jury's shortlist:

Hammer Horror by David Geary,, Victoria, BC
Spare Change by Sara Mitchell, Vancouver, BC
Search and Rescue by Hal Haberman (Cdn), Los Angeles, USA
Native Sons by Simon Bradbury and Brent Stait, Vancouver, BC
Local Boys by Maureen Larkin, Toronto, ON

The jury also had an honorable mention listing for the following screenplays:

Jonathan and David by Barton E. Braun, Vancouver, BC
Desert Man by Kevin McDonough, Vancouver, BC
Christmas is for Cats by Sonja Bennett, Vancouver, BC
Beverly Hills Burka by Tarique Qayumi, Vancouver, BC

Updated: 01/06/2008

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