All Access Announces Quarterfinalists

The All Access Screenwriting Competiton has announced their quarterfinalists for 2007:

Jonathan Maynard - A Brush With Fate
Bart McAstocker - Apparition
Billy Maddox & Vivien Cooper - B Deviled
Curtis Burdick & Scott Burdick - BANZAI BOY
Paul Byrne - Blood Trail
Jonathan Sinaiko & Janet St. Onge - Boundaries
Mary McCarthy & None - Burnover
Dirk Eichhorst - Cumberland's Gold
Leah Meyerhoff - Even Unicorns Need to Breathe
Irin Evers - Every time I go to Staten Island something bad happens...
Carol Lewis & Ellen Fischer - FALLING
Myles Sorensen - Far Rockaway
Scott Parisien - Feral
Christopher Davis - Fish don't Fly
Andrew Kula - Garbagetown
Jonathan Vargas - Homeroom
Christian Sawyer & None - Lost For Words
Benjamin Ray - Marcus and Farah
Aaron Yarber - Niggas & Leprechauns
Scott Walker - SCREWED
Spencer Balentine - Silver Eagle 1
chris kane - Skeleton
Diane Yslas - Slot King
Richard Jasper & Deborah C Steafnik - The First Detective
Bill Flannigan - The Good Samaritan
Don Marnock - THE GREY MAN
Don Filipoff - The Grow House
Thom Wilder - The Ladies of L'vov
Shannon Kracht - The Nahua Codex
William Brown - The Shell Game
Sean Aikins - The System of One
Donna Lisa Rothstein - Toucans of the Amazon
Eugene Langlais III & Paul Langlais - UNITY
Bill Rhoads - Waller in the Holler
Gabrielle Reeves & Nicole Wolf Gilbert - Way To Go
David A. Prior - When Lightning Strikes
Paul Tremblay - Whiteout
David Ebeltoft - You Were Once Called Queen City

Updated: 01/16/2008

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