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BlueCat Lab Announces Semifinalists

BlueCat Lab has announced their 2008 feature script semifinalists:

A Stylish Pair by Susan Alukonis
A Text of Magic by Anthony F. LoPresti Jr.
Abandoned Wells by Jason R Wilburn
After the Gold Rush by Joe Flood
Alone by Tracey Thomas
American Jury by Wayne Josephson
An Unnatural Soldier by Miriam Paschal
B Deviled by Billy Maddox & Vivien Cooper
baseballissimo by kevin rexroat
Been There, Done That by Cynthia Benjamin
Behold Leviathan by WH Clark
Below the Neptune Pool by Jacinthe Dessureault
Blood Lawns by Alexia Maura
Canaries by Craig Cambria
Captain Crusoe and the Lost Island of Peril by Robert Repino
Change of Plans by Chris McCann
Circle of Hatred by Lauren Carol Cragg
Close Shave by Bruce Dundore
Cooper's War by Timothy Jay Smith
Cruel World by Lisa O'Donnell
Dawn by Daniel Seery
Dominican Sunset by David P. Searby
Double Take by Lisa Caruso
Doubting Thomas by Craig Hughes
Doug Jones by Christopher Boone
Doxpara by Nicole L. Burgess
Dreadful, Sinful, & Delightful by Mike Wong
E.S.L. (Everyone. Seeks. Love.) by Karl Bauer
Epiphany by Julie Howe
Escape by Jeff Wolverton
Every time I go to Staten Island something bad happens... by Irin Evers
Exhibition by Belinda Bauer
Fear by Denise Jackson
Follow The Signs by Marnie Mitchell-Lister
Free Your Skeletons by Marnie Mitchell-Lister
Gale Cove by Eli Joel Standing
Get In The Tub by Kevin Cook
Grilled Cheese Virgin by Steven Arvanites
Hell Can Wait by Geraint Horwood
Hibernation by Adam Moser
Hiding in Plain Sight by Cheryl Shonk
Honest Gabe by Ada Lee Halofsky
Hunnee by Sherwood Bishop
InLove, Indifferent, Insane by Christian Heinze
Kane ('Caine, 'Cane) by Evan Wright Menzel
Karst by Paul Clingan
King of Palookaville by Joey Cassel
La Strada del Vino by Michael Albanese
Last Blade of Grass by Peter Schuyler
Last Resort by Thomas Mann
Living in Dreams by Tim Booth & Travis Heermann
Lone Star Rising by Carol Strickland
Looking For Elvis by Don Macnab-Stark
Lost & Found by Adrian Le Grand
Love, Zoe by John Aldriedge
Loved Ones by Vicki Speegle
LSOF by Perry Patterson
Moon Walkers by Elizabeth Appell
Moonlight by Brandon Baker
Mortal Tenderness by Peter Tom Maatta
Nervosa by Adam Batchelor
One Last Shot by J.R. O'Hara
One Nation Under by Eugene L. Langlais III & Paul R. Langlais
Opposites Attract by Bill Campbell
Paper Cuts by Aasha Sankpal
Pass The Rock by Jennifer Angeloro
Playing Gods by Brian Sanders
Pop Up by Stephanie Batailler
Pop Up by Stephanie Batailler
Presidential Legacy by Heather MacArthur
Princess Reborn by Lee Tidball
Ragewater by Scott A. Lainer
Relative Guilt by Jennifer L. Baum
Sanson by Tara Gardner & Donald Rodriguez
Season's Greetings by Kathi Twomey Wahed
Sentinel Hill Sniper by Vining Wolff
Sheba's Greyt Escape by Jeffrey Sundman
Sheep by Louaine Elke
Sherlock & Jack by Jeff Wolverton
Silver by Cate Caldwell
Siren Central by Rob Lenihan
Small Game by Michael Goldburg
Standing in the Current by Karl Bauer
Super Asian Guy by Tony Hua
Surf. by Meghan Maugeri
Ta Kimbia by Yasmine Bandali
The Adventures Of Eggman by Michael Pielocik
The Big Damn Deal by Jeffrey Field
The Break-Up Artists by Gary Milin
The Bridge by Lynn Esta Goldman
The Children of Frank and Amy by Lara Stache
The Curse of Sarah Good by Rob Sabal
The Enlightenment of Daniel P. Hawthorne by Laura Mancini & Tatiana Grubisich
The Fall Of The Thirteenth Disciple by Raymond A. Mardo
The Girl With Hair Like The Sun by Claire Mix
The Hit by Dan Neice
The King Over the Water by David Gillis
The Lost Secret of Eden by Thomas Zmiarovich
The Man in the Box by Ryan Bradley
The Midnight Midwife by Lisa Bolekaja, Mandla Bolekaja
The Nazi Method by Matthew Grant
The Only Bird on the Wire by Tim Honigman
The Planet That Ate Democracy! by Geraint Horwood
The Preying Kind by Randy Gross
The Problem With Perfect by Jennifer Thomas
The Scarlet by Gary Wayne Allison, Jr
The Sealed Room by Gali Wexler
The Target by Gary and Beth Hoover
The Telomere Conspiracy by Bruce A K Mason
The Village Idiot by Adam Balsam
To the Ice by Ruth Ellen Johnson
Tough Love by Claudia Myers
Tragic Kingdom by Curt Wiser & Curtis Norton
Trick of Light by Anton H. Gill
True Human Development by Jim Flanagan
Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas by Lee Tidball, Ron Vincent
Twentieth Century Limited by James E. Burnside
Understanding Anatomy by Simon Elrahi
Vial Connection by Trish Feehan
Walking in her Sleep by Lindsey Van de Kirk
Waves of Grain by James E. Sperl
Where I Belong by Diane Hanks
White Picket Fence by Jared Cole Shipley
You Were Once Called Queen City by David Ebeltoft

Updated: 01/31/2008

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