Santa Fe Screenwriting Conference Starts May 27th

On May 27 the Tenth Annual Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe begins. This year they have added an extra day to the conference, making it six days of screenwriting immersion.

In the Screenwriting Symposium from Tuesday through noon on Saturday, and The Hollywood Connection on Saturday and Sunday, aspiring, emerging and advanced screenwriters learn how to write a top-notch script.

Pro Hollywood agents, producers and writers of all genres instruct attendees in the business aspects of how to take their script from the page to the screen.

Panels, classes, and labs range from script format and character development, all the way to that extra ummph that take okay and good scripts to the professional level.

The 10th Annual Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe runs from May 27 through June 1, 2008.

Call today to register: 505-424-1501.

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Updated: 04/21/2008

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