Script Savvy Announces April Results

Script Savvy has announced Steve Daniels' Death Doesn't Like Me as the winner of their April, 2008 Screenwriting Competition.

Death Doesn't Like Me by Steve Daniels
Logline: A teenage girl, raised by an oblivious mom, has no friends and gets harassed constantly at school. She wants to end her life, but Death himself has other plans for her.

Juno meets Groundhog Day in this insightful comedy about a girl who wants to die, but the wise-cracking, ultimately well-meaning character "Death" just won't let her.

Honorable Mention:
The Battle of the Wils by Arthur Blum
Logline: Wil's perfect life comes to a crashing halt when he's forced to switch places with his doppelganger from a parallel universe.

Hat Trick by Robert Gately
Logline: Three retirees pursue personal goals - one of which is an ex-football player's dream of streaking naked down the field during the Super Bowl to atone for a fumble he made years ago in the NFL.

Dealers by Jimmy Bromberg
Logline: A college drug dealer and his bashful roommate hide out in the city, in fear of retaliation from local street dealers and capture by the police.

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham by Kathy Douglass
Logline: A writer for a food magazine is taken out of her element when she and her family move to small-town Iowa. Thinking that Iowans have nothing to offer in terms of cuisine, the woman is thunderstruck when she tastes an amazing dish of scalloped potatoes and ham. Now she's on a quest to discover this meal's special ingredient...

Updated: 06/01/2008

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