ASA Announces Winners in the 11th Annual International Screenplay Competition

The American Screenwriters Association (ASA) has announced the winners of their 11th Annual International Screenwriting Competition, co-sponsored by Gotham Writers' Workshop.

Grand Prize Winners
Jonathan Hall and Hannah Robinson
London, England

A thirteen-year-old girl tries to deal with her grief by stealing her dad's ashes from her mum and hatching a plan with an eccentric uncle to launch them in a firework. But when the plan goes dangerously awry, who does a girl turn to?

2nd Place
Philip Landa
Belmont, MA

A high school outcast falls victim to a violent attack by a suspected serial killer. But unlike the other victims, this lonely teen doesn't beg for his life. Intrigued, the killer spares him and soon the boy's high school tormentors begin to disappear.

3rd Place
Bob Bowersox
Chadds Ford, PA
An Impossibly Fine Line

In a horrifying story inspired by actual events, an aging homicide detective tracks a ritualistic killer who blurs the fine line between sanity and madness for both of them.

4th Place
Michael Penning
Montreal, Canada
All Hallows Eve

One hundred years after the Salem witch trials of 1692, a single mother battles terrifying supernatural forces while searching for her kidnapped daughter on the scariest night of the year... All Hallows.

5th place
Jillian Lauren
Los Angeles, CA
The Great Pretenders

A washed-up 80s TV actor finds true love and self- acceptance when he lands an unlikely job in Vegas working as an impersonator of himself.

Updated: 06/09/2008

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