Announces 2008 Split-Screenplay Contest Winners

The Split-Screenplay contest is split into two divisions. Members review screenplays in the opposite division that are not in competition with their own. This offers screenwriters an opportunity to receive fair and honest reviews of their screenplay from other screenwriters they have never met:


Don Decker
Flight of Desire
If you could, would you take the flight to your innermost desire?

Colleen De Maio
The Devil and Harry Houdini
Having sold his soul for success, the greatest escape artist who ever lived must now outwit the Devil to perform the ultimate escape -- from hell itself.


Paul Thompson
My Guardian
A woman's self-appointed guardian angel goes from protector to mentor as he teaches her how to stand up for herself with fatal results.

The Final Act
Duncan is your typical Hollywood actor; he'll do anything to transcend his C-list status. He'll endure his over-bearing agents, stomach his insufferable studio arranged girlfriend, and...oh yeah kill anyone who gets in his way. The infamous murderer Henry Lee Lucas said being a serial killer was a lot like "being a movie-star..." He had no idea how right he was.


Peter Clines
Reality Check
A starship crew comes to realize they are characters in a 1950's film serial and discover a way to escape into the real universe.

Sarah Coulter
Burke and Hare
A historical thriller about Scotland's most famous serial killers, William Burke and William Hare.

Updated: 10/23/2008

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