Movie Script Contest Announces Finalists

The 2008 Movie Script Feature Contest has announced their finalists.

DRAMA Finalists

A House Divided -- Joshua Howes
A Well Adjusted Boy -- Jason Latshaw
Abilene -- Michael Raymond
Blood and Water -- Samantha J. Stephenson
Cross of the Savage -- Joe Crouch
Domestic Violence -- Eric Little
Every time I go to -- Staten Island something bad happens -- Irin Evers
Falling into Place -- Lily Mercer
Garbo's Last Stand -- Jon James Miller
Hallowed Ground -- Maurizio Marmorstein
Lady Jazz -- Jean Hunter
Over the Tavern -- Tom Dudzick
Passing Through -- Robert Rhyne
Sober Living -- Heather Regnier
The Ace of Aces -- Geoffrey Breuder
The Lighthouse -- Janet Zibell
The Line -- Ben Krapf
Wrocklage -- Steve Daniels

COMEDY Finalists

A Canoli for Nona -- Bob Huffman
Bald Knob -- Roger Oliphant
Bible Con -- Ashley F. Miller
Fireworks -- Jonathan Hall
Grief from Madame Butterfly Barry Leach
Hat Trick -- Robert Gately
Hate Day -- David Kempski
Jack Hammer: Male Stewardess -- Nick Scown
Life Dudes -- Adam Reed & Tim Upton
Loving Scared -- Garry McNulty
The Has--Beens -- Michael Raymond
The Truckstop -- Dan Pellar
Truthies -- Carlo DeCarlo
Turning Annie -- Bruce Stirling
Us & Them -- Kerry Finlayson
Zombies Down Under Gavin Hicks & Mike Wormald

Thriller/Horror/Sci--Fi Finalists

Canaries -- Craig Cambria
Darkroom -- Alex Cope
Eclipse -- Ron Brassfield
In for a Penny -- Laurelle Barnett
Lights on the Lake -- Jason Tucker
Louisiana Blood -- Mike Donald
Open Heart -- Emily Fonda
Re--Entry -- Michael Raymond
Second Born -- David Jagernauth
Serpentine -- Stephen Leach
Something Tucked Away Jason Michael Ford
Taku's Quest -- Michael Pallotta
The Erdos Murder Case George Varotsis
The Gateway -- W.A. Keaton
The Saxon -- Scott Grant
Tooth Lake -- Richard Topping
Unity -- The Brothers Langlais

Updated: 10/25/2008

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