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Script Savvy Announces September 2008 Contest Results

Script Savvy has named Craig Peters The 49th Day as the winner of their September, 2008 Screenwriting Competition:


The 49th Day by Craig Peters
Logline: A little girl's imaginary friend starts killing off her family one by one. But what can you do when you're only seven and Death wants to be your best friend?

Honorable Mention:

Lifer by Inon Shampanier
Crime drama
Logline: A cold-blooded escaped convict discovers his humanity when he befriends a child prodigy and mentors his long-lost son through a sophisticated airport heist, which culminates in an emotional twist ending.

A Beautiful Place by Chris Adler
Logline: A young orphan with cancer struggles to find a way to keep her promise to her father - a promise to find a way to make the world a better place.

Lycan Or Not by Frank Reavey
Logline: A wisecracking private detective that specializes in supernatural cases reluctantly gets involved when the king of the werewolves is kidnapped.

Rock Paper Scissors by Leo Lo
Logline: Three lonely misfits discover the laws of attraction when they fulfill their individual destinies at the annual Rock Paper Scissors Championship.

Updated: 11/03/2008

Additional Contest Info:

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