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WOTS Announces Grand Prize Winner

The Writers on the Storm Screenwriting Competition has named John Dummer as their 2008 Grand Prize Winner for his script, The Moonbeam Fisherman.


The Moonbeam Fisherman by John Dummer
Family movie about a boy who discovers an interplanetary secret being kept by an old hermit. Engrossing, uplifting, wonderful.


Deathless (AKA "Link") by Jerry White
A truly chilling new take on the haunted house movie that creates a brilliant new franchiseable bad guy. The town will flock. Spectacular.


Belfast Boys by Heather Upton
A young man gets sucked into violent world of the I.R.A. in 1980s Ireland. Crackles with action and verisimilitude.

Once again, let's hear it for the rest of our top ten:

Black Damp by Carla Robinson
Cage by Philip Landa
Canaries by Craig Cambria
Colossus by Jason Kent
Fausta by Dalisia Mendoza
In the Middle of Greatness by C.J. Liao
Upon This Rock by Tim Mangan

Updated: 11/24/2008
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