The Movie Deal Announces Contest Winner

The Movie Deal has announed Muffin Top by Robert Ross & Ashkin Heydarypour as their Grand Prize winner:

1st Place Overall
MUFFIN TOP - Robert Ross & Ashkin Heydarypour

2nd Place Overall
BLOOD ANGEL - Kyle Michel Sullivan

3rd Place Overall

CATEGORIES - 1st Place:
Action/Adventure - IN THE BEGINNING by Paul Pawlowski
Animation/Fantasy - TO FAT TO FLY SOUTH by Allan Amenta
Comedy - DEAR PHOEBE by P.L. Como
Drama - MUFFIN TOP by Robert Ross & Ashkin Heydarypour
Family - PRINCESS REBORN by Lee Tidball
Horror/Thriller - BLOOD ANGEL by Kyle Michel Sullivan
Pilot - BROKERS TO THE STARS by Kathleen Bell
Science Fiction - THE SAVANTS by Patrick Kendrick
Shorts - FADING NUMBERS by Sean Ryan

Top 10 per CATEGORY:

In The Beginning by Paul Pawlowski
The Path to Darkness by Matthew Dixon
The Mechanic by Michael Hayes
Chameleons by David Sabbath
Devil's Canyon by Michael Faron
The Stuff Of Dreams by Terry Shumaker
Extremum by Katerina Slantcheva & Branislaw Slantchev
The Game is Afoot by Stephen Siegel
The Good-Hearted Burglar by William Cooper
Souls of the North Wind by Chrissy K. McVay

Too Fat To Fly South by Allan Amenta
The Faery Princess Gang by Susie Barrow
The Swimmer Manuscript by Joseph Kenny
Heaven's Lake by Lesley Suel Kim Santa's Legend by Jose Jaime
The Lost Kids and the Unwritten Language by Felipe P.G. Cagno
The Smiths by Bradford Tatum
Child of the Sea by Andrew Coffin
Sandi Claus by Lee Tidball
An Environmentally Friendly Fairytale by Laura Kaminski

Dear Phoebe by P.L. Como
Junk Mail by Declan Geraghty
Babe Approved by Jack Sekowski
The Breakup Artist by Doug Still
The Big Thing by Brett Boham
Friends, lovers and other Parasites by David Andrew Lloyd
Shallow by Aden Cardy Brown
Jerusulum Idol by Lewis Papier
Frozen Solid by Anthony Puleo
WingGirl by Kristi Russell & Zack Diliberto

MuffinTop by Robert Ross & Ashkin Heydarypour
The Night Reaping of John Barleycorn by James Conahan
Kick by J. Todd Wilson
Cypress Creek by La'Kisha DeVon Jordan
The Candle by Joelle Sellner
Rodina by Sol Menashe
Body Memories by Barbara Rachlin Sklar
X & Y by Kit Wong
The Road to Omaha by Andrew Givens
Samaritan by Barry Kelly

Princess Reborn by Lee Tidball
Digital Boy by Paul Barrett
Teenage Shamans by Barbara Blomquist
Lavender Blue by Norman Lapidus and L. Lee Lapidus
Jackaroo by Robert Lucchesi
Green Christmas by Michael Hayes
Dribble by Kenny Miller
The Hero of the World by Staci Greason
Olympus by Alex McNall Coal for Christmas by Lois June Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah

The Enigma of Christopher Marlowe by Simon Bowler
Day of Reckoning by Stephen Siegel
Keep My Love Here by Bernard E. Grysen & Dan Slider
The Knuckleballer by Michael L. Murphy
Rebirth by Teresa Lewis
Her Swastika Sword by Christopher Canole
Lot's Wife - The Story of J. Robert Oppenheimer by Debbe Goldstein
Felix the Flyer by Christopher Canole
The Ace of Aces by Geoffrey Breuder
Dance of Isaiah by Jomo Merritt

Blood Angel By Kyle Michel Sullivan
Burning Man By David Voytek
Revenant By Stephen Irwin & Steve Pratt
Stray By Nena Eskridge
Savage By Jason Young & David White
Hunters Point By Luis Cruz
Canid By Marquita Hockaday and Pamela Harris
The Birch Wood Crusher By Shira Zimbeck
Wildflower By Philip Schneider
The Witch of Greenwich Village By Frank O'Donnell

Brokers to the Stars By Kathleen Bell
Ferraux Parish by Frederick Weller
Charlie Lane by Zak Shaikh
Maniacs by Everlyn A. Hunter
Gone by Skip Berry & J. Vale Newton
Juvey by Erica B. Clethen
Johnny Nobel: Motorcycle Rebel by Matt DeCoster
Charlie Lane by David White
Self-Destroyed by Mary Haarmeyer & Craig Beeman
Power Lunch by Darren Coyle

The Savants by Patrick Kendrick
Nanite Vision by Paul T. Harry
The Book of Toth by AJ Ferrara
Nano Killer by Paul Kaiser
The Siege by Michael J. Panek
The Flying Saucer Gang by Mark E. Reilly
The Melancholy Life of Gabriel Vaeza by Alexander Del Negro
First World by Mark Lund
Echoes of Tomorrow by Juan Castaneda & Juan Yepes
51 by Robert M. O'Hannon

Fading Numbers by Sean Ryan
Rain by David Mahmoudieh
The Luckiest Unlucky by Michael Warner
Fergus and Viola by Anna Condo
Eight Ball by Michael Donovan Horn
Dawning by Brian Parenti
Mysterioso by SG Dietz
Hollywood Noire by Arthur D. Summers
Mustang by Phyllis Heltay
When Vengeance Comes knocking by Jomo Merritt

Only Eagles Know My Name by Chrissy K. McVay
Dagger's Draw by Mary Haarmeyer & Craig Beeman
Stay by Robin U. Russin
Nostalgia by Garret Merriam
Screwed by Scott Walker
Great Man by Barry Schwartz
Anne Magnifico, Girl in Chainmail by Michael Pauly
Judgement at Yokohama by Ken Dooley
Fatty and Hearst by Jack R. Stanley
Plan B by Allie Davidson
Guinea Pig by Rich Figel & Jamie Nash
Eye Shadow by Khalil Sullins
The Crane Boys by mirko g.j stasiak
The Music of Men by Robert M. Blankenhorn
The Man From Morone by Colin Speer Crowley
Shadow Dancer by Claire Chandler
Sipho and the White Feather by Jean-Pierre Joubert
Book Ends by Joe Rassulo
Coming Out Straight by Jennifer Nashorn
Conflict of Interest by Chaun J. Domingue
The Last Master by Clint Morey
Aebe's Dilemma by Romy Loor
Rally Caps by Stephen J. Cutler & Jodi Cutler Del Dottore
Found by Victoria McHugh
Kingbird by Don Adams
Worst Ways by Mike Prangley
Ink Red by M. Robert FIsher
Hidden Talents; The Monster of the Mansion by Lee Tidball
Sudan by Darcy Vernier
Men's Room by Thomas E. Charles
Galileo by Bruce Glassman
The Paper Route by Danny Howell
Storm Birds by Brian Van Norman
Killing Athena by Rick Majzun
Skipp Strong by Kalimba Bennett, Danielle Bisutti and Clark Perry
Zero Handicap by Clinton Braly & James Braly, MD
Lake Heaven by Ryan Austin
Missing Love by Ronald Marchand & Rhonda L. Dee-Ewing
The Joppa Flat by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid
Running with Strangers by David Cohen
The Accidental Aliens by Marc Bloom
Hildegard by Tom Maduell & Robert Lucchessi
Sleep Of Reason by Sev Santos
The First Son by Joe Mazzarini
The Disappearing Trick by Howard Rayner
Damascus by Richard Realmuto
The Missing Pilots by Stephen J Kelly
Old Girls Gone Wild by Mahree Munding
Number Six by Michael Adreani
The Eye of God by Cameron Pearson

Updated: 02/23/2009

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