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Extreme Screenplay Announces Contest Finalists

TV and Screenplay Finalists have been announced for the 2013 Extreme Screenplay Contest.

In no particular order:

Andrew Ethan Bailey - Mascotdonia: Crappy Anniversary!
Andrew Ethan Bailey - White & Wong: There Goes the Neighborhood
Isaac Daley - Biding Time
Cayman Grant - Cigar Game
Phil Olson - Bunyan Bay
Maryanne Melloan Woods - Seen and Heard on the Upper West Side
Michael Warner - The Ford Boys: OutLawmen
Brian Schwab - Generation Y: The Nocturnal
David Minaskanian - Uniformed Grace
Rajiv Joseph - Reality Gone Wild
Andrew Ethan Bailey - The Zoo Crew: The Knighted States' Most Wanted
James Papa - Sitters: Seductive Competition
Scott McMorrow - BLT City, USA
Dale Taylor - Travis the Savage
Matt Hutaff and Mike Truman - Edgework
Diane Hanks - The Cuvvie

Patrick Parr - Drive Around
Ronald L. Ecker - Night of the Dragon's Blood
Matt Dallmann - Addict
Leonardo Reis - Storm Dragons
Rajiv Joseph - The LOL Secret
Filip Cornel - Counterpart
James Papa - Barred From Heaven: Devil's Play
Marina Albert - Maid in America
Brad Davis - What Happened to Roo
Nicholas Carr - Containment
Nicholas Carr - Hockomock
Jeff Hower - The Fanatic
Scott McMorrow - Entitlement Zone
Scott McMorrow - Mr. Catitude
Donna Lisa - Kheng Kheng Crocodile
Donna Lisa - Amazon Toucans
Carey Mark Watkins - The Entrepreneur
Robert Rhyne - Passing Through
Maryann Beckman & Susan Skalinski - Chromosome 21
Kari Ciardi - Alien Underground
Carey Mark Watkins - The Navigator
Guillermo Gomez - Atilas
Larry Postel - Miss 'N You
Diane Hanks - Retrofit
KC Early - Fatal Identity
Phillip Watson - The Gods of Death
Fred Perry - Crossings
Joseph Baker - The Blunt Edge
Travis Opgenorth - Gridiron
Derek Ladd - Rob 'Em Blind
Derek Ladd - Nina NANO
Robert Gately - Hat Trick
Warren Paul Glover - DeCodeMe
Gloria Ann Smith - Klutz, Esq.
Jean Hunter - Lady Jazz
Derek Ladd - Double Vision
Derek Ladd - Life Reaper
Chanrithy Him - Unbroken Spirit
John J. Maffucci - Forgive Not Their Trespasses

Updated: 08/01/2013
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