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ISA Names Fast Track Fellowship Winners

Ned Farr and Sean Collins-Smith have been named the International Screenwriters Association's Fast Track VII Fellowship Winners.

Updated: 04/27/2018

Universal Names Writers Program Participants

Universal Writers Program has announced their 2018 participants. The program is a one-year track that gives writers the opportunity to develop two feature scripts under the guidance of Universal and Focus Features production executives and producers.

Updated: 04/20/2018

Scriptapalooza Interviews Fellowship Winner

Scriptapalooza has posted an interview with their 2017 Fellowship Recipient Natasha Paris.

Updated: 04/19/2018

ScreenCraft Names 5th Annual Fellowship Quarterfinalists

ScreenCraft has announced the quarterfinalists for their 5th Annual ScreenCraft Fellowship Competition.

Updated: 04/18/2018

ScreenCraft Names Orb Media China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship Finalists

Semifinalists have been announced for the ScreenCraft/Orb Media China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship, representing approximately the top 10% of all applicants.

Updated: 04/11/2018

ScreenCraft Names Family Script Contest Winner

Nickerbacher by Terry John Barto has been named the winner of the 2017 ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest. Repeatedly praised for its unique premise and strong character dynamics, it is an innovative story of a dragon who moves to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a comedian and paves the way for civil rights.

Updated: 04/10/2018

Fresh Voices Names Contest Winners

Those Who Hear by Jerome Velinsky has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the 2017-18 Fresh Voices Screenwriting Competition.

Updated: 04/09/2018

FilmMakers.com Names Feature Script Contest Finalists

FilmMakers has announced the finalists of the 16th Annual Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards.

Updated: 03/29/2018

American Gem Names Short Screenplay Contest Winners

American Gem and Write Brothers have announced the winners of the 13th Annual American Gem Literary Festival. The Competition attracted a total of 1309 entries worldwide, including 1,026 short scripts, 221 short stories, 51 TV scripts, 5 treatments and 6 documentaries.

Updated: 03/29/2018

Fresh Voices Names Contest Finalists

Fresh Voices has announced their 2017-2018 contest finalists.

Updated: 03/27/2018

1st TV Script Writing Competition Names Contest Winners

Persuasion by Susan Hippen has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the 3rd annual '1st TV Script Writing Competition' from FilmMakers.com.

Updated: 03/24/2018

ScreenCraft Names Cinematic Short Story Winners

Syringe-Fed Ferrets by Samuel Martin has been selected as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2017 ScreenCraft Short Story Contest. Missives From The Green Campaign by David Armstrong has been named the runner-up.

Updated: 03/22/2018

Austin Fest Announces Josephson Entertainment Screenwriting Fellowship

The Austin Film Festival has announced a partnership with producer Barry Josephson to present a Screenwriting Fellowship that will provide one-on-one mentorship in Los Angeles for two fellows – one writer or writing team with a feature script and one writer or writing team with a teleplay pilot – selected from the Final Round of this year's competition.

Updated: 03/20/2018

Poe Screenplay Contest Names Contest Winners

Karen McDermott's Custom of the Sea has been the Grand Prize Winner of the 2018 Poe Screenwriting Contest. The script, based on a true story, is about a judge who ponders a murder verdict when three sailors are imprisoned after cannibalism on a lifeboat.

Updated: 03/20/2018

Scriptapalooza Posts Interviews with TV Contest Winners

Scirptapalooza has posted video interviews with their 2018 ScriptapaloozaTV Contest Winners.

Updated: 03/20/2018

Poe Contest Names Contest Finalists

The Poe Contest has announced its 2018 screenplay finalists.

Updated: 03/15/2018

Shore Film Fund Winner
to Premier at Tribeca

Claire Fowler, the inaugural winner of the Shore Script Short Film Fund, will be premiering her winning short, Salam, at this year's Tribeca Film Festival.

Updated: 03/14/2018

Submissions Open for Stowe Story Labs

Application season to the sixth-annual Stowe Story Labs is now open. The Early Bird Application Fee is $40.

Updated: 03/14/2018

Launch Pad Names Feature Contest Winners

Brian T. Arnold's Friend of the Show has been named the Overall Winner of the 2017 Launch Pad Feature Screenplay Contest. The script is about a far-right news commentator who's kidnapped by a right-wing extremist group who want him to help lead their movement, not knowing that his television persona is a sham. When he discovers their plan to assassinate the president, he realizes he is the only one who can stop them.

Updated: 03/14/2018

ScreenCraft Names Film Production Fund Winners

Leading development consultancy and screenplay discovery platform ScreenCraft and Santa Monica-based media financier BondIt Media Capital have announced two recipients of their Fall 2017 Film Production Fund. The first is documentary project Karachi’s Unknown Dead, conceived by Samira Shackle, Owen Kean and Haya Fatima Iqbal. Innovative and impactful, the film is set in Karachi, Pakistan’s troubled, throbbing economic epicenter. It will center on the Edhi Foundation, which runs clinics, an ambulance service, a graveyard, and the city’s only functioning morgue and is the largest voluntary social welfare organization in the world. Per Shackle, Kean and Iqbal, “Its workers care for residents of Karachi from birth until death and after as they struggle against the dual pressures of poverty and violence. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the care they provide for these neglected dead: Edhi workers collect the bodies, try to track down their relatives, and ultimately bury them, according a respect in death that many did not have in life.”

Updated: 03/06/2018

CineStory Names 2018 TV/Digital Fellowship Winner

Naomi Iwamoto has been named the winner of 2018 CineStory TV/Digital Fellowship.

Updated: 03/06/2018

Fresh Voices Names Semifinalists

Fresh Voices has announced their 2017-2018 Semifinalists, the Top 100 Screenplays of their 8th Annual Screenplay Competition.  Judging continues into the third round of reading. Finalists and Spotlight Award Nominees will be announced March 27th.

Updated: 03/06/2018

ScreenCraft Names Family-Friendly Semifinalists

Semifinalists have been announced for the 2017 ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest. The 80 screenplays advancing to the next round represent the top 12% of submissions received.

Updated: 03/02/2018

ScreenCraft Names Film Fund Finalists

ScreenCraft has named the 25 Finalists for the Fall, 2017 ScreenCraft Film Fund.

Updated: 02/28/2018

National Screenwriters Day Names Contest Winners

Radar Contact, by Delia Colvin, has been named the First Place Winner of the National Screenwriters Day Competition.

Updated: 02/27/2018

Table Read My Screenplay Names Contest Winners

Table Read my Screenplay has named their 2018 Park City Contest Winners.

Updated: 02/23/2018

American Zoetrope Names Contest Winner and Finalists

Caroline's Wedding Easmanie Michel, France-Luce Benson, and Darcy Miller has been named the Grand Prize Winner from among 1,600 submissions to the American Zoetrope Screenwriting Competition.

Updated: 02/21/2018

ScreenCraft Names Orb Media China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship Quarterfinalists

Quarterfinalists have been announced for the second annual Orb Media China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship. Two winners who will each be offered an option fee, one of which will be at least WGA minimum (up to $13,374) against a six-figure purchase price at WGA scale contingent on production (up to $133,739 each, depending on the final budget of each film).

Updated: 02/20/2018

ScreenCraft Names Short Story Semifinalists

Semifinalists have been announced for the 2017 ScreenCraft Short Story Contest, representing the top 12 percent of submissions received.

Updated: 02/19/2018

CineStory Names All TV Contest Winners

CineStory has announced their spec and original comedy and drama contest winners.

Updated: 02/15/2018

People's Pilot Announces Contest Winners

The People's Pilot has announced their Comedy and Drama/Action Contest Winners.

Updated: 02/15/2018

Scriptapalooza Names TV Contest Winners

Scriptapalooza has named their latest Sitcom, Pilot, Reality, and 1-Hour TV Contest winners.

Updated: 02/15/2018

CineStory Names Web Series Contest Winners

Two Weeks by Melissa & Benjamin Oren has been named the winner of the 2018 TV/Digital Retreat and Fellowship Web Series Division.

Updated: 02/13/2018

Movieguide Names Kairos Contest Winners

North Star by William Gebby has been named the winner of the Kairos Prize for Beginning Screenwriters. The script is about an emotionally cold Quakeress who learns to love after she rescues an eight year-old runaway slave. The Kairos Pro Prize for Established Screenwriters has been awarded to Alexandra Boylan for her scirpt Switched, which is about a woman who is tired of turning the other cheek. When she prays that her nemesis, the Queen Bee of social media, would know what it’s like to walk a day in her shoes, her prayer is answered in an unexpected way when they switch identities.

Updated: 02/13/2018

TrackingB Names Screenplay Contest Winners

Willful Blindness, by Barbara Nunberg, has been named the winner of the winner of the 2017 TrackingB Feature Contest.

Updated: 02/10/2018

ScreenCraft Names FilmFund Semifinalists

Semifinalists have been announced for the Fall, 2017 ScreenCraft Film Competition. Fund recipients will announced on February 28th.

Updated: 02/05/2018

ScreenCraft Names Family Friendly Quarterfinalists

ScreenCraft has announced quarterfinalists from among more than 700 submissions to their 2017 Family Friendly Screenwriting Competition.

Updated: 02/05/2018

CineStory TV/Digital Names Original Drama and Comedy Semifinalists

Semifinalists have been announced for the Original Comedy and Original Drama Divisions of the 2018 CineStory TV/Digital Fellowship.

Updated: 02/01/2018

CineStory Names 2018 Finalists

CineStory has named Digital and TV Finalists in their Episodic Spec and Digital Divisions for 2018.

Updated: 01/29/2018

Fresh Voices Competition Names Quarterfinalists

Quarterfinalists have been announced for the 8th Annual Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition. Advancing screenplays represent approximately the top 25% of all submissions. Semifinalists will be announced on March 6th.

Updated: 01/29/2018

TVwriter.com Names People's Pilot Finalists

Finalists have been announced for the TVWriter.com People's Pilot Competition.

Updated: 01/25/2018

ScreenCraft Names Short Story Quarterfinalists

ScreenCraft has named quarterfinalists from among the 1,400 submissions to their 2017 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest. Semifinalists will be announced February 14th.

Updated: 01/25/2018

ScreenCraft Names Action/Thriller Contest Winner

Get It Together by Matthew Ryan has been selected as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2017 ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Screenplay Contest.

Updated: 01/22/2018

TVWriter.com Names People's Pilot Semifinalists

Comedy and Drama Semifinalists have been announced for the 2017 People's Pilot TV Writing Competition:

Updated: 01/18/2018

CineStory Names 2018 Digital/TV Semifinalists

CineStory has announced the Semifinalists for their 2018 Digital/TV Fellowship Competition.

Updated: 01/18/2018

Final Draft Names Big Break Finalists

Final Draft has named their 2017 Category Winners and Grand Prize Finalists for 2017. The grand prize winners will be announced in February at the 2018 Final Draft Awards Show.

Updated: 01/13/2018

Other Worlds Austin Names 2017 Screenplay Contest Winners

Gravitational Mass has been named the winner of the Other Worlds Austin 2017 Screenwriting Competition: A punk loser who could hack anything but a future, risks everything in pursuit of a beautiful off-world agent offering a last chance at redemption in this sci-fi tale of greed and betrayal.

Updated: 01/11/2018

2015 Scriptapalooza Runner-Up Heads to Production

The Flight of the Wasp, a 2015 Scriptapalooza Runner-Up, written by Andrea Brusa is being produced by Victoria Films and Ilann Girard. The script tells the story of an Italian engineer that turns down the opportunity to pursue his lifelong dream of designing the world's first helicopter and inspired by love, instead, decides to lift the spirits of his war-ravaged community by inventing the uniquely Italian motorbike: The Vespa.

Updated: 01/09/2018

ScreenCraft Hosts Writers Summit at Atlanta Film Festival

The Atlanta Film Society and ScreenCraft are partnering in 2018 to co-present The ScreenCraft Writers Summit, to take place at the 2018 Atlanta Film Festival (ATLFF). Atlanta is the entertainment industry's busiest city for film and TV production, outpacing Los Angeles last year.

Updated: 01/09/2018

ScreenCraft Names Film Fund Quarterfinalists

Quarterfinalist have been selected from among almost 2,000 applications to the ScreenCraft Film Fund.

Updated: 01/05/2018

National Screenwriters Day Names Contest Finalists

Finalists have been announced for the National Screenwriters Day Screenwriting Competition. Winners will be announced on January 5th, 2018.

Updated: 12/30/2017

ScreenCraft Names Pilot Launch Contest Winners

Culled from over 1,900 submissions, Mount Pleasant by Cat Dale has been named the Drama winner of the 2017 Screencraft Pilot Launch Script Competition. Special, by Jay Cundiff and Kyle Jorgensen, has been named the Comedy winner, and Westinghouse by Dorian Keyes has been named the Web Series winner.

Updated: 12/29/2017

ScreenCraft Names Drama Contest Winner

Artesia by Emily Tomson has been selected as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2017 ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Contest.

Updated: 12/27/2017

Script Pipeline Names First Look Project Winners and Finalists

Script Pipeline has named their 2017 Screenwriting and Teleplay First Look project winners.

Updated: 12/22/2017

StoryPros International Names Contest Winner

Patrick Hatten's The Eidolons has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the 11th Story Pros International Screenwriting Competition.

Updated: 12/15/2017

National Screenwriters Day Name Contest Semifinalists

Semifinalists have been announced for the 2017 National Screenwriters Day Screenwriting Competition.

Updated: 12/14/2017
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