An aging vampire lives in Bran Castle, Transylvania making money off of tourists until an American couple shows up for the tour and Dragula falls in love with the man.

“Dragula” A new musical in two acts Book by Mark Mc Quown Music and Lyrics by Buddy Mix

In the city of Transylvania, Romania is the tourist attraction of Bran Castle which is rumored and reported to be Dracula’s Castle. Living in the castle today is a coven of vampires whose head is called Dragula and they live off of the stray tourist who gets lost now and then in the castle walls.

Jordan and Melissa are a young to middle age couple, about to be married and on their pre-honeymoon visiting Bran Castle but what they really want to do is spend the night in Dracula’s bed. The couple hides from the tour and before the tour leaves for the day they find themselves in Dracula’s Bedroom facing Dragula, dressed as a Security Guard.

Dragula discovers that Jordan studies bats for a living and tells Jordan and Melissa that they may return that evening and be part of a dinner party for other members of a society who also study bats. Jordan and Melissa leave with the tour but return that evening by taxi and are ushered into the bedroom, now a dining room, and unbeknownst to them – they are on the menu.

At the end of act one, Jordan and Melissa have discovered that they are in a coven of vampires and try everything to escape but Dragula, unwittingly falls in love with Jordan and spares their lives until Dragula is forced to bite Melissa who then, for a brief period, turns into the Queen of the coven and Dragula loses his powers and is restored to human form.

Act two brings Jordan and Dragula together to fight the menacing Melissa and Jordan slowly feeling like he is falling in love with a man. At that moment, Melissa is struck by a silver arrow from a bow gun and returns to her human form and now Dragula, Melissa, and Jordan are all running from the coven. The coven finally corners them all and one of them bites Dragula who immediately returns to his former stature and the ruler of this coven and this castle.

Dragula realizes how impossible it is for him to fall in love with a human and also how much he misses his lost humanity. He hypnotizes Jordan and Melissa so they won’t remember what happened and he sends them back to America to enjoy their lives and American television. He then sends coven members out seeking fresh blood but only gets an apple in return as he retires again for a long night’s sleep in Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania.

“Dragula” has three leads (two males and one female) and a chorus of eight or less.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Warren Beatty
Adrien Brody
a young Kate Winslett
In the Vein Of:
Brokeback Mountain
Love at First Bite
Author Bio:
Mark Mc Quown is the co-screenwriter of the feature, “PJ”, starring John Heard, Vincent Pastore, Robert Picardo, Hallie Kate Eisenberg and company. This film is partially based on Mark’s award-winning play of the same title. Mr. Mc Quown has won many writing awards for the following; “The Rocking Horse Christmas”, first place in the animation genre at The Santa Clarita International Film Festival in 1997, Quarter Finalist in The Chesterfield Screenplay Fellowship in 1997 with “Pier 21”, Semi Finalist in The Chesterfield in 1998 with “The China Tiger”, Quarter Finalist in 2000 in Scriptapalooza with, “Jane The Legend of Mountain Charley”, Finalist in The International Family Film Festival 2005 with the animated feature, “The Cat and The Rat” (co screenwriter), Quarter Finalist in The Fade In Magazine Screenplay Contest in 2005 with, “The Missing Link” and Quarter Finalist in The Zoetrope contest in 2007 with “The Sudan”.

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