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Heat of the Moment

A former comedian and out-of-work chef gets invited to cook for some old friends, and he soon realizes you can't stop the heart's utmost desire in a weekend filled with love, drama, and betrayal.

Miles Franklin, a 32-year-old former comedian and out-of-work chef, arrives at his apartment in Philadelphia with his cookbook and a bag of groceries. Miles opens a letter from the state informing him that his unemployment benefits had ended. Later, he receives a call from his childhood friend, Tracy Fleming. Tracy tells Miles that her 30th birthday is this weekend, and the chef she had hired canceled due to a prior commitment. She offers Miles $3,000 to drive to Prince George's County, Maryland, a high-end suburb outside of Washington, DC, and cook for the weekend. Miles, who is currently experiencing financial difficulties, eagerly accepts the offer.

Miles arrives in Prince George’s County, Maryland, at noon on Friday in front of a million-dollar home, which he gazes at in awe. Tracy, a high-end boutique owner, and her husband Douglas, a former major league baseball player forced to retire on his rookie contract because of an injury to his throwing arm, have done quite well. Miles prepares food as the guest arrives. Tracy’s older sister, Breyona, a stunningly attractive Executive Director of Brand Development at a marketing firm, is surprised to see Miles. They were best friends in high school but lost touch after her third year in college. Two other couples arrive at the gathering. Simon, a dentist, and his wife Capri, an administrative assistant at Breyona's fiancé's investment firm. Jaylan, an accountant, and his wife Lola, an anesthesiologist from Chicago. Breyona's fiancé, Evander, a senior-level investment manager at his father's firm, makes a grand entrance.

As the couples connect for a fun-filled weekend, their issues surface. Evander surprises Breyona by sharing that he's running for the D.C. city council. Jaylen reveals to Miles that Lola's parents have never fully accepted him because he's American, and they had hoped she would marry a Nigerian man instead. Douglas confides to Miles that he bought another property without Tracy's knowledge and overextended their finances. Meanwhile, Miles discovers Evander and Capri are having an affair. Evander offers Miles $10,000 to keep quiet about his affair with Capri, while Capri threatens Miles that she will ruin his life if the affair is exposed.

Evander receives a call and tells Breyona he has to meet with a client. Miles notices that Breyona is stressed, and they have a heart-to-heart conversation. Breyona confides in Miles that she suspects Evander is having an affair and is unsure what to do next. Miles asks her why they had grown distant. Breyona tells him that his sports betting had spiraled out of control after a couple of thugs had come to collect a payment, and she had wanted no part of his troubles.

Chaos erupts as the couple's secrets are revealed. Jaylan and Lola have a heated argument regarding their family problems. Meanwhile, Tracy discovers a text message on Douglas's phone that reveals he was denied a loan. Tracy becomes angry when Douglas admits to buying an apartment building worth $680,000 without informing her. Amidst the chaos, Miles observes the drama unfold, and his old feelings for Breyona resurface.

Script Excerpt
Starring Roles For:
Michael B. Jordan
John David Washington
Jurnee Smollett
In the Vein Of:
The Best Man
Why Did I Get Married
Wedding Crashers
Author Bio:
My name is Arthur Demetrius Glenn, and I am a screenwriter/producer/director currently living in the Washington, DC, metro area. I have written nine screenplays with four finishing Quarterfinals to Finals of screenwriting competitions. I plan to shoot my first feature film in the Washington, DC, metro area in the late fall of 2022 or early spring of 2023.

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