Tales Of The Bizarre

An anthology of four comedic tales of sci-fi/horror/fantasy. A mudered wife resurrects through her garden; a small space alien is mistaken for an action toy; A base commander dares to challenge a UFO; A young man makes a pact with a witch.

DEAD OF ROSES: A wife, murdered by her husband and buried within her bio-genetic garden, resurrects through the plants in a campaign of revenge against her husband and his mistress, as a police detective doggedly investigates her disappearance.

A THING AND THINGS TO COME: In the near future, a small space alien crash-lands on Earth and is captured by two boys who mistake him for an action toy, subjecting him to an endless array of combat matches against the action toys of all the kids in the neighborhood. He becomes enamored with a fashion doll as he seeks a means of escape.

A TOO CLOSE ENCOUNTER: The commanding officer of a top-secret military installation dares to challenge a UFO that hovers menacingly above his base, deploying all his forces against the alien craft; the effects of which result in dire consequences for the base and all of mankind.

DEWITCHED: An aspiring young actor makes a pact with an ugly old witch – if he will romance her for one evening, come morning she will reward him with his weight in gold. He takes her to a swank Hollywood party attended by those he knows; among whom is his estranged love Carla, and the loan shark whom he owes. After an evening of human angst and humiliation, the actor and his date end up at an x-rated hotel for “his final act.”

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I’ve had representation in the past, but am currently without representation, and am not a WGA member. I’ve attended seminars and classes by most of the screenplay gurus including Field, Segar, Freeman; and attended workshops, classes, and lectures sponsored by The American Film Institute; and the USC Cinema-Television Alumni Association extension program. I was optioned once by a major television producer.

The four 30-minute shorts that comprise Spoofs are among those that at one time was under consideration for anthology productions on TV/cable; and/or consistently finished among the top finalists in short screenplay competitions.

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Contest Results:
CS Unique Voices (Finalist, Top 25 Comedy) [2019]
Austin Comedy Short (Third Place, Dark Comedy Screenplay Spring) [2019]
Santa Barbara International (Honorable Mention, Selected for festival) [2022]