A Journey With Destiny

In 1906, a young man’s journey by automobile leaves him stranded in a remote mining town about to erupt into a battle royale between company goons and radical labor.

A JOURNEY WITH DESTINY is a romantic, episodic adventure set during that era when the last vestiges of the frontier America were being rapidly eclipsed by the culture and interests of the East. The year is 1906 – the eve of the modern era. A time when the revolutionary advances in film, communications, and transportation are in their embryonic stages, about to radically transform society in ways barely imaginable even to those few visionaries involved in their development. One such visionary is JAMES WINFIELD, a young man involved in the fledgling automotive business. James envisions the automobile advancing beyond the status of a mere novelty for the rich, to a dependable form of general transportation. Estranged from his socially aristocratic family, and frustrated in his attempts to gain backing for his ideas, he engineers a prototype vehicle for a solo journey between Los Angeles and San Francisco via an inland route through desert and mountains. His journey is one of the difficulties, mishaps, a comedic encounter with a hostile rural community, and a near-disaster that disables his vehicle, leaving him stranded in a remote mining town embroiled in a bitter strike. Trapped within an environment about to erupt into a battle royale between company goons and radical labor, James seeks to escape through the aid of an ex-frontier lawman, a beautiful saloon proprietress, and a pioneer aviator; resulting in a life-and-death struggle for all involved.

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I’ve had representation in the past, but am currently without representation, and am not a WGA member. I was optioned once by a major television producer. I have recently finished among the top finalists in several writing competitions.


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California (Finalist, 5th place 2016) [2016]