When a young Army MP becomes a private investigator after he inherits his Grandfather’s storefront in a small town in the mountains of Colorado; his first case reveals a town full of secrets, including one that destroyed his family years before, and a new one he must forever keep from his fiancée.

Most people have some place that they haven’t visited since childhood. And that place remains the same -- in their memories. But can you go back?

Gus, a 24 year-old ex-MP, inherits from his grandfather an office in the small town of Paper Trail, Colorado, which he considers to be his hometown, even though he never lived there and hasn’t visited since he was ten. (When your family moves around a lot, your Dad dies when you’re eleven, and your Mom is always gone, you take what you can get.)

When Gus returns to Paper Trail, he feels as if time stood still; nothing’s changed. He quickly learns different, however. Toni, the formerly annoying kid sister of his boyhood pal Jimmy, is now 21, beautiful, and stuck in Paper Trail. Brother Jimmy took the family college fund, didn’t finish college, didn’t pay back the money, and didn’t return.

Toni’s the lone reporter for her family's newspaper and is working toward an internet journalism degree. To Gus's delight, she welcomes him to town and encourages and assists him in his business venture.

Gus's affinity for the town and Toni grows. He's finally found a place to settle, and he's willing to do anything to belong here. But as he works his first case, he learns that Paper Trail is not quite what it seems -- the town is crawling with secrets, everyone's got one.

In solving his first case, he comes face to face with the underbelly of the town and uncovers a secret that destroyed his family years ago. He courageously comes to terms with this secret, only to become a principal player in a terrible new secret, one that he must keep from Toni for the rest of their lives. Now with a secret of his own, Gus fits in, for better or worse, and he and Toni live together ever after.

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Nominated for the Arthur Rosenfeld Award For Excellence In Dramatic Writing. Named one of the Top 100 Indie Writers in Del Weston’s forthcoming book of the same name. The holiday comedy genre short that I wrote, ALL CHOKED UP, premiered at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis, MN. My comedic cautionary tale short script, JUST A TIC, can be viewed on Amazon Prime. Both nominated for Best Lead Actor in a short film, and won a Script To Screen Award at the Barebones Film Festival.

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TrindieFest (First Place, Thriller & Best In Show) [2012]
Divebomber (Third Place) [2011]
Bare Bones (Finalist) [2012]
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