A Fading Finish Line

Four lifelong middle aged men deal with the challenges of starting over in employment, relationships, parenting and health when they are so close to reaching their goals.

Four men have been friends for most of their lives: powerful ad exec ROBERT; nerdy but brilliant MARK; handsome salesman TIM; and pro football player-turned-DJ/rocker SCOTT. All four are in their mid-50s, and looking forward to the well earned retirements for which they have worked for decades.

But quiet and comfortable lives are not in the cards for these guys.

The L.A. Times abruptly lays off Robert, replacing him with a younger man. After years of loyal service, he’s suddenly plunged back into the job market. Robert is confident a man of his credentials can land on his feet, but the arrogance he’s cultivated from being powerful for so long is getting in his way.

Mark has been saving for retirement for a long time. But when his grown daughter dies, he and his wife are forced to adopt her son. Just when he was due for some peace, he has the expense and noise of a young child in the house all over again.

Out of nowhere, Tim’s wife of twenty-seven years announces she’s leaving. He thought they would grow old together, and now he’s dating for the first time since college. The bank forecloses on his house, and anger management issues cost Tim his job. He’s struggling on every front.

Scott seems to have it all: a hot young wife, a cool kid, a rockin’ band with a following, and an awesome radio show. But it has been a long time since he was playing pro ball, and he’s out of shape to the point that his doctor is giving him serious warnings. He thought it was time to enjoy life; now he’s eating salads and going to the gym, and he hates it.

Each of these men has to find the courage to take on their flaws in a real way and change if they’re going to survive. The world doesn’t care how old – or young – they are when faced with starting over.

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Denzel Washington
Tom Hanks
Bruce Willis
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Screenplay Festival (Finalist) [2014]
Nicholl Fellowships (Quarterfinalist) [2013]
StoryPros International (Semifinalist) [2014]