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Which Screenplay Contests Launch Careers?

Updated: 06/18/2024

For aspiring screenwriters, entering screenplay contests is not just about winning cash prizes or gaining recognition. It's about getting a foot in the door of an industry that is notoriously difficult to break into. While numerous screenplay contests exist, a select few are renowned for their ability to launch careers, providing winners and finalists with invaluable industry exposure, networking opportunities, and sometimes even direct paths to representation and production deals.

Upcoming Contest Deadlines
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Screenplay Contest
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Final Deadlines

(Displaying final deadlines only. Click here to display preliminary deadlines, as well.)

Short Com TV Sitcom Writing Competition
Late: 07/12/2024
WSPro Discount: $5.00

WeScreenplay Shorts Competition
Final: 07/15/2024
WSPro Discount: No

B!tchFest Film Festival & Screenplay Contest
Final: 07/15/2024
WSPro Discount: 20%

FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival Screenplay Competition
Final: 07/15/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Scriptation Showcase Features & Shorts Category
Final: 07/21/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Astrophobia Sci-Fi and Horror Film Festival
Extended: 07/21/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Slamdance Screenplay Competition
Final: 07/26/2024
WSPro Discount: No

L.A. Sci-Fi & Horror Festival
Regular: 07/27/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Athena Lab
Final: 07/28/2024
WSPro Discount: No

ScreenCraft Animation and Family Screenwriting Competition
Final: 07/31/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards
Final: 07/31/2024
WSPro Discount: 25%

Optimus Feedback Screenplay Competition
Final: 08/01/2024
WSPro Discount: No

New York Metropolitan Screenwriting Competition & Film Awards
Final: 08/14/2024
WSPro Discount: 25%

Screenplay Festival
Final : 08/15/2024
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Launch Pad Feature Screenwriting Competition
Final: 08/20/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Shore Scripts Feature Screenplay Contest
Final: 08/30/2024
WSPro Discount: $5.00

ScreenCraft Drama Screenwriting Competition
Final: 08/31/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Rome Independent Film Festival
: 08/31/2024
WSPro Discount: No

New York City Horror Film Festival Screenplay Competition
Final: 09/01/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Urban Mediamakers Film Festival
Extended: 09/02/2024
WSPro Discount: $10.00

American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest
Final: 09/04/2024
WSPro Discount: No

Breaking Walls Thriller Screenplay Contest
Extended: 09/07/2024
WSPro Discount: $5.00

Film Independent Screenwriting Lab
Film Independent Member Deadline: 09/09/2024
WSPro Discount: No

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