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A lost nuclear bomb is found on a stranded ship heading for the Gulf of Mexico.

Written by: David J Schroeder     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: George Clooney
Mickey Rourke
In the Vein Of: Die Hard

Posted: 08/18/2012
Updated: 04/01/2017
Author Bio: Winner of 57 'Best' screenplay awards with 6 different scripts since 2010.

THIS MODERN MAN IS BEAT, screenplay written by David j Schroeder with actor Jordi Vilasuso, and director Alex Merkin has been accepted into 86 film festival in 9 countries, and won 66 Best Short Film awards.

Contest Results: World Series (First Place, Grand Prize Treatment)
Talentville (First Place, 10/26/13)
New York Screenplay (First Place, Grand Prize Treatment)
StoryPros Awards (Second Place)
Chicago Screenplay Contest (First Place, Action/Adventure)
New Hope (First Place, Best Narrative Feature)
St Tropez & Nice Festival (First Place, 2014)
Independent Film Quarterly (First Place, 2014)
Los Angeles Independent (First Place, July 2015)
Cinema World Fest (First Place, 2016)
Las Vegas Screenplay (Second Place, Action/Adventure)
International Independent (Second Place, tied)
West Field (Second Place, 2012)
NOVA Film Fest (Second Place)
Amsterdam (Second Place, 2015)
NYLA (Second Place, Tied)
Classic City (Second Place)
Catalina (Second Place, Merit Award)
L.A. Cinema Film Fest (Second Place, Award of Merit)
L.A. Film & Script (Second Place, Honorable Mention)
Writers Place (Second Place)
StoryPros International (Finalist)
Table Read (Semifinalist)
ScriptVamp/Attention Grabber (Third Place, Runner Up)
ScreenCraft Fellowship (Semifinalist)
Big Story (Third Place, Honorable Mention/Action)
River Bend Film Fest (Third Place, 2014)
Hollywood Screenplay (Third Place, Silver Award)
Los Angeles Screenplay (2) (Third Place, 2015)
ITS LA Film Fest (Third Place, 2015)
Hollywood Hills (Finalist, 2015)
Beaufort International (Finalist, 2015, top 7)
Southeastern (Finalist, 2015)
Naperville Independent (Finalist, 2014, 4th Place)
FILMMATIC (Finalist, 2016, top 10)
Cannes Screenplay (Finalist, 2016, top 7)
International Filmmaker (Finalist, 2017, winner pending)
Military Script Showcase (Finalist, 2017)
Poinciana Film Festival (Finalist, Top 3, winner pending)
Twister Alley Festival (Finalist, 2017)
Las Vegas Fest (Finalist, top 13, winner pending)
Courier (Finalist)
Marquee Lights (Finalist)
Toronto International (Finalist, 2013 top 11)
Aura Screenwriter Awards (Finalist, Top 12, winner pending)
Asbury Park Music (Finalist)
Depth of Field (Finalist, 2014, 4th Place)
Shore Scripts (Finalist, 4th Place)
Northeast Film Festival (Finalist, Top 5, winner pending)
Creative World (Semifinalist)
Action On Film (Finalist, 4 Nominations)
Final Draft/Big Break (Quarterfinalist)
Beverly Hills Fest (Finalist)
Beverly Hills Screenplay (Finalist)
Canada Fest (Finalist, Rising Star Award)
Richmond Fest (Finalist, Official Selection (top 15))
Screenplay Festival (Semifinalist, Winner pending)
SkyFest (Finalist, Certificate of Excellence)
Nevada Fest (Finalist, Top 5)
San Pedro Festival (Finalist)
Reel Writers (Semifinalist, Top 17, winner pending)
Los Angeles Screenplay (Semifinalist)
Stage 32/Happy Writers Screenplay (Quarterfinalist, Winner pending)
Screencraft Action Thriller (Quarterfinalist)
FilmMakers/Feature (Semifinalist)
Austin Indie Flix (Semifinalist, Winner pending)
WeScreenplay Feature (Quarterfinalist, Winner pending)
Silent River (Semifinalist, 2014, top 6)
Madrid Festival (Semifinalist, 2014 Official Selection)
IFIPG (Semifinalist, 2014 top 9)
Buffalo Dreams Festival (Semifinalist, 2014 top 19)
Reel Authors (Semifinalist, 2016, top 6)
GenreBlast (Semifinalist, 2016, winner pending)
Finish Line (Semifinalist, 2016, winner pending)
Visionfest (Semifinalist, 2014, top 5)
Denver Film Festival (Semifinalist, 2014)
Circus Road (Honorable Mention, 2016, top 8)
Glendale Festival (Quarterfinalist, 2014)
Indie Gathering (Honorable Mention)
All Access (Quarterfinalist)
Mindfield Film Festival (Honorable Mention, top 6)
The Monthly Film Fest (TMFF) (Quarterfinalist, 2017)