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Dark Matter Media Screenplay Competition
Dark Matter Media

Screenplay Contest Category: Horror Add your contest

Screenwriting Contests that focus specifically on the horror genre, or that offer a special award for horror scripts.

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Screenplay Contests Found: 64 Film & Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 04/13/2018 (expired) is back with THE go-to contest for horror screenwriters and film-makers! The categories for the contest are: Feature-length screenplays Short screenplays Feature-length movies Short movies Winning entrants will receive some truly awesome prizes, including: Cash Publishing deals Movie distribution offer Film-making classes Contacts with horror movie industry insiders Horror merchandise And much more Each screenplay and movie entrant receives a comprehensive feedback form from one of our Hollywood judges, explaining how their screenplay or film did against the judging criteria.

Overall rating: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars User Feedback: 1 Comment

CAL-TEX Worldwide Horror Fest

Final Deadline: Contact contest for deadline info.

CAL-TEX Worldwide Horror Fest is an Online International Competition open to Short and Feature Horror Films sponsored by Lonnie Ramati, Los Angeles CA. and Wendy Crouse/DreamReal Pictures, Austin, TX. This film competition event is to promote beginner to advanced film makers.

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Vancouver Filmworks Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: Contact contest for deadline info.

The Vancouver Filmworks Screenplay Competition is a global screenwriting contest dedicated to inspire, support, and discover innovative narrative storytellers in film and television. Our objective is to launch careers, provide recognition and facilitate networking opportunities for the best new original voices in screenwriting. We welcome screenplays from anywhere in the world.

Overall rating: 1 star User Feedback: 2 Comments

FILMMATIC Screenplay Awards Competition

Final Deadline: 06/30/2018 (expired)

Season 3: The FILMMATIC Screenplay Awards were created to locate and expose up-and-coming screenwriters, as well as to empower and educate those talented writers still waiting for their invitation to the mainstream industry. The Filmmatic Screenplay Competiton is open to short and feature-length works, screenplays and pilots. 10 Categorical Winners, 1 Overall Winner, and 100 Finalists will be announced at the conclusion of the competition You've worked hard on your screenplay, and our staff and Judges are excited to read your work.

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Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest

Final Deadline: Contact contest for deadline info.

Crimson Screen is a filmmakers film festival. You will get to meet other filmmakers from all over the globe, create lasting friendships and share your experiences with a captive audience. Professional to novice, first time filmmakers to well established, Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest showcases a wide variety of horror films from all over the globe.

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Cannes Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 02/26/2017 (expired)

The Cannes Screenplay Contest presents a top-level screenwriting competition for aspiring newcomers and seasoned veterans alike seeking to be read, recognized and rewarded for their storytelling talent. This dedicated scriptwriting contest is a rare opportunity for screenwriters to submit their work to be read, judged, and critiqued solely on their ability to captivate and entertain through the written word.

Overall rating: 2 stars2 stars User Feedback: 2 Comments

StarGate Galactic International Sci-Fi- Fantasy and Horror Film Festival

Final Deadline: Contact contest for deadline info.

Our Mission is to promote up-and-coming filmmakers by providing a gateway to expand their careers in the entertainment industry. We shine a light on the unknown talent of today, helping them become the future celebrated filmmakers of tomorrow. Not only do we actively champion indie and independent filmmaking, we are one of the few film festivals in the world that offers a film distribution seminar to help filmmakers guide their cinematic vision toward profitability.

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Screenwriters' Capital Fall Feature Script Competition

Final Deadline: 09/30/2016 (expired)

The Screenwriters Capital is based in Greater Sacramento. We are looking for talented screenwriters near and far to help great aspiring writers realize their dreams. We look forward to reading your scripts and wish you luck!

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Haunted Horror Film Festival

Final Deadline: Contact contest for deadline info.

The Goal of the I.H.H.F.F. is to provide a safe fair professional venue for both Horror Filmmaker and Horror Fans to come together and celebrate the Horror Cinema as a union for a small Genre of filmmaking both Independant and Big Budget. Horror Films are indeed a small Genre of modern day Cinema devided by several sub-genres but nevertheless has a very large diehard Fan Base.

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FANtastic Horror Film Festival

Final Deadline: 07/31/2016 (expired)

The FANtastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego, CA is dedicated to bringing the latest and cutting edge Indie Horror films to the local community, It is a 3 day festival over Halloween and shows 30 + Indie Horror Short and Feature films. Following the Fest we have an Award Ceremony to celebrate our award nominees and winners. We are an official event on IMDb.

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Shiver International Film Festival

Final Deadline: 08/15/2016 (expired)

We are accepting Feature Screenplay and Short Script entries worthy of the title: 'Best Horror', 'Best Sci-Fi' and 'Best Thriller'.

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Film Daily - Screenwriting Competition

Final Deadline: 08/31/2017 (expired)

Film Daily is looking for the voices of the new generation. Each month, we launch a new opportunity in a genre for talented screenwriters to win, and are delighted to announce our first competition. Your work will be judged by a panel of over 20 industry professionals. Each screenplay entered gains valuable script coverage. The winners also receive: Professional screenwriting software from our sponsors 1 hour facetime with industry professionals to help kickstart your career An invitation to a special awards event within their region Our screenwriting prize is awarded for comedy, horror, sci-fi, and drama scripts, shorts, and pilots.

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Grave Intentions Horror Anthology & Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: 02/28/2018 (expired)

One screenplay and up to ten short films will win $500 each! As filmmakers, we know that outside of the film festival circuit, most shorts will die a lonely death in the bowels of the interwebs. So to help amazing shorts get the audience they deserve, we’re creating "Grave Intentions: An Anthology of Chills, Thrills, and Kills." And your film could be a part of it! If your short would be at home on The Twilight Zone, Tales From the Crypt, The Outer Limits, or Creep Show, we want to see it.

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Independent Horror Movie Awards

Final Deadline: Monthly.

Our mission is to help promote the criminally overlooked but creatively fertile field of indie horror by singling out top notch work with a wide variety of awards. Movies, scripts, and web series are all welcome! We give special attention to low budget films especially no budget entries! We're sick to death of the endless barrage of remakes and sequels that so clearly signaled the demise of originality in mainstream horror.

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