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GREAT Exposure for Contest Winners & Finalists!
GREAT Exposure for Contest Winners & Finalists!

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A list of contests that accept or specialize in short screenplays, or any scripts that are less than feature-length.

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Austin Comedy Short Film Festival

Final Deadline: 09/09/2016 (expired)

The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival is a unique forum for comedy filmmakers from all over the world to showcase their creative works in Austin, Texas.

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Roadmap Writers & Route 1 Entertainment

Final Deadline: 12/06/2017 (expired)

Roadmap Writers and Route One Entertainment are looking for the next great feature, pilot or short script, from un-produced screenwriters. Winning Script will be optioned by Route One Entertainment, put on their high profile development slate for production and, to further show commitment to the project, Route One will also have a proof of concept short produced.

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CINEFANTASY International Short Film Screenwriting Competition

Final Deadline: 10/28/2016 (expired)

CINEFANTASY International Short Film Screenwriting Competition is an International Young Talents Project dedicated to discovering and supporting emerging writing talents. We welcome scenarios from anywhere in the world. We are looking forward to reading your scenario! WHY FANTASY? Fantastic films push the boundaries of the imagination to another realm where anything in this world, other worlds, or even the entire universe, can exist.

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Apeiron Films Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: 10/11/2016 (expired)

Cinema is your passion? You've written a short film script that tells a meaningful and touching story with a few characters in plain settings? You can restrict yourself to the essentials? You want to see your ideas in a movie at last? Congratulations: You’ve just found the right opportunity!

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WeScreenplay Shorts Competition

Final Deadline: 02/20/2017 (expired)

MISSION: To provide talented writers and filmmakers the financial means ($10,000 cash) to turn their amazing short scripts into short films. FEEDBACK: We believe that feedback is critical to a writer’s success, which is why we provide the judge’s scorecards to every entrant at no additional cost. PROMISE: We promise to give all scripts at least 2 sets of scores and finalist script will receive at least 5 different sets of scores before we select a winner to make sure to limit subjectivity as much as possible.

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Short Script Showcase

Final Deadline: 07/31/2017 (expired)

The Short Script Showcase recognizes and showcases short screenplays in any genre, and provides opportunities for writers to showcase their projects to development executives, producers, agents, and managers. ALL SCRIPT ENTRIES RECEIVE... SCRIPT SHOWCASE A custom project page on the website to showcase your script to development executives, producers, managers and agents.

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Skyline Indie Film Fest

Final Deadline: 07/01/2017 (expired)

We are a competitive festival for new, undistributed films and original screenplays.

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ScreenCraft $30,000 Film Fund

Final Deadline: 12/30/2017 (expired)

Now accepting Features, Shorts, Pilots and Docs! Every 6 months, at least one filmmaker will be awarded this production grant of up to $30,000 in production funds. We announce the winner(s) 6 weeks after each final deadline. We are accepting applications from around the world (in English). Whether you have a simple screenplay or a film, pilot or documentary that’s already in production, we want to consider your short screenplay or in-production short film project.

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Burning Love Screenplay Contest Presented by Poe Films

Final Deadline: 08/18/2017 (expired)

Poe Films proudly sponsors “Burning Love Screenplay Contest” to discover and promote contemporary screenwriters who bring fresh voices and creative storytelling as Edgar Allan Poe brought to his generation. In collaboration with the Poe Foundation, dedicated to honoring Poe's talents and inspiring the next generation of writers, Poe Films is seeking drama and comedy features, shorts and teleplays driven, at least in part, by love in its many forms.

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Limbo Script Awards

Final Deadline: 11/30/2017 (expired)

LIMBO screenplay contest is now open for the second year! This year LIMBO will announce two winners. Submit your screenplay for a chance to win $500 cash and a chance to sell your screenplay to the producers. If your script is already in perfect shape, great! Submit it as is. We are looking for the best writer in the bunch. Enter the LIMBO Script Competition and come out a winner!

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Movie Skits 'Scripts For Comedy Skits' Writing Contest

Final Deadline: 05/10/2017 (expired)

Movie Skits is Crowdsourced Skit and Sketch Entertainment. We’re running this contest to encourage talented aspiring script writers to share their short form scripts for skits with the growing Movie Skits community of mobile filmmakers to use for their video skit productions. Scriptwriters who publish their written scripts for skits to Movie Skits keep the copyright to their work, but are agreeing to allow the Movie Skits community to rate and comment on them, and to allow mobile filmmakers to use the scripts for their video skit productions, as long as they post their video skit creation back to Movie Skits next to the script and give the author credit.

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Film My Script

Final Deadline: 09/15/2017 (expired)

A screenplay contest for short screenplays between 6 - 10 pages, only. Certificates will be awarded to finalists, 3rd, 2nd and 1st places. The 1st place winner will have their script filmed by FMS. Winner retains full rights to the winning scripts, FMS retains full rights to the film of the winning script. Once made, FMS will enter the finished film into at least 5 film festivals of its choosing.

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Sherman Oaks Film Festival

Final Deadline: 08/01/2017 (expired)

Founded by longtime residents and movie veterans alike, the Sherman Oaks Film Festival looks to showcase the best undiscovered movies in the heart of Los Angeles. The neighborhood that was home the mall in Fast Times At Ridgemont High deserves a world class film festival! The Sherman Oaks Film Festival has a category for unproduced screenplays of any length, feature or short or in between.

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Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards

Final Deadline: 10/31/2017 (expired)

The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards is considered the best in the industry, with judging panels comprised entirely of established Hollywood Industry Professionals. Our team has been instrumental in helping writers sign with major talent agencies (CAA, WME, ICM, et al) and has sold original material to major Hollywood studios, including Universal, Paramount, Fox, and Warner Bros.

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Hammond House Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: 09/30/2017 (expired)

Hammond House Publishing are pleased to announce the launch of our first script writing competition providing opportunities for the winner and shortlisted entrants to work with industry professionals in bringing their script to life.

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The Wayward Festival

Final Deadline: 09/16/2017 (expired)

Wayward was born and raised in LA – join us for our flagship event in autumn 2017. Expect cross-genre film screenings, competition screenings, live music and performance, roundtables, education sessions, and plenty of networking sessions so fun they feel more like a party. Step into the future of film. Step outside the box. We are dedicated to providing a platform for “outside the box” storytelling, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusivity.

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IndieBOOM! Festival

Final Deadline: 11/03/2017 (expired)

Every great film or series starts with a great script. We want to read yours, and help you succeed. PRIZES: Our winning screenplay will be chosen by professional story analyst Dan Calvisi and will receive laurels and a digital certificate. But that's just the beginning! You'll also get an hour-long video consultation with Dan and free downloads of his e-books: ‘Story Maps: How to Write a GREAT Screenplay,’ ‘Story Maps: TV Drama,’ ‘Story Maps: 12 Great Screenplays’, and ‘Story Maps: The Films of Christopher Nolan.

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Destiny City Film Festival Short Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: 12/18/2017 (expired)

The Destiny City Film Festival was founded in part because we want to show great movies. And we know that at the heart of every great movie is a great story – one that is destined to inspire and entertain. Screenplays are the foundation of every memorable film, and we are dedicated to supporting the writing community and the stories they create. Thus, we are thrilled to host Tacoma’s first short screenplay competition! We know that the Northwest film community is chock full of talented writers, thinkers, and artists.

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Final Deadline: 12/15/2017 (expired)

BOLT is an innovative new screenplay competition from the creators of Barnstorm Fest. The rules are simple: Pick a prompt. Write a 1-10 page screenplay based on the prompt. Then Barnstorm Media chooses the winner and makes your movie. You get to be the Executive Producer. Also, every submission receives feedback from the producers at Barnstorm Media.

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WriteMovies Featured Script of The Month

Final Deadline: Monthly.

With two cycles of our main competition clashing almost directly with the deadline dates of our Monthly Contest, we’ve decided to delay relaunching our Monthly Contest again until at least January 2017. Anyone who has submitted to our Monthly contest since the start of August will be offered a free entry to the main contest (representing a significant discount on its current entry price), which currently closes at the same time as the September competition would have done anyway! In place of the Monthly Contest, we’d like to introduce our new FEATURED SCRIPT OF THE MONTH.

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Wildsound Reading Series

Final Deadline: Monthly.

WILDsound Monthly Screenplay Festival offers screenwriters at all levels the fantastic opportunity of hearing their scripts read out loud using Top Professional Actors and seen by 10000s of people online, including producers and agents. At least 5 winning readings done every single month. Click the website info and watch the winning videos.

Overall rating: 3 stars3 stars3 stars User Feedback: 24 Comments Screenplay Contests

Final Deadline: Please visit website for deadlines.

Scripped users get access to some of the most exciting contests around. The Scripped network of producers, writers, and Hollywood professionals comes to Scripped to find new talent and read great scripts. Past contests have been run for Edward Burns (actor, producer, director, and writer), Steven de Souza (writer of 48 Hours and Die Hard), Dawn Olivieri (leading actress on Heroes) and Alex Albrecht (popular Internet personality).

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Wildsound 1st Scene Screenplay Contest

Final Deadline: Monthly.

FULL FEEDBACK on the first moments of your screenplay from our committee of Professional Screenwriters, Production Heads and Script Consultants. Are you just starting off your screenplay and want immediate feedback on your first scenes/first moments of your script?

Overall rating: 3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars User Feedback: 7 Comments

Komedy Ink Script Battle

Final Deadline: Monthly.

Komedy Ink Script Battle provides a platform dedicated to comedic screenwriters to not only win cash, but to have their scripts seen by people that matter... Hollywood Producers.

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Just4Shorts Short Screenplay Competition

Final Deadline: Monthly.

The short film traces its roots to the very beginning of movie history, long before the concept of a feature films existed. Almost a century later, short films continue to strive as a new filmmaker's calling card in Hollywood. Short films serve as a quick, efficient medium to demonstrate a filmmaker's talent. And it all begins with a great script.

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Independent Horror Movie Awards

Final Deadline: Monthly.

Our mission is to help promote the criminally overlooked but creatively fertile field of indie horror by singling out top notch work with a wide variety of awards. Movies, scripts, and web series are all welcome! We give special attention to low budget films especially no budget entries! We're sick to death of the endless barrage of remakes and sequels that so clearly signaled the demise of originality in mainstream horror.

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Feel The Reel International Film Festival

Final Deadline: Monthly.

Feel The Reel is a monthly international film festival founded in Glasgow, United Kingdom. FTR is not only an online film festival, but also a festival with live screenings, our friends from Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest making this possible.

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Script and Storyboard Showcase

Final Deadline: Monthly.

The script is the core of any project. We want to enlight the raw talent of writing. Not everyone knows how to write. We reward ideas, talent, and structure. If in the wrong hands, a good script may end up as a flat movie, but a bad script never, ever is going to make a groundbreaking film. The Script and Storyboard Showcase is the one contest of Talent Factory 100% focused on scripts, and scriptwriting.

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