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1. Fairies Landing by Cheryl Miller
When Fairyland's head storyteller secretly wishes for her own true-love the fairies get to work writing but complications for a happy ending arise when their ancient rivals replace her true-love match with one of their very own.

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Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 03/26/2008; Updated: 05/08/2011 ) [Detailed Script Listing]

2. 583 by Russ Meyer  Interviews
A suburban couple, guilty of not mowing their lawn (buried under snow) in December, tries to save their home from being demolished by a monster we created: Government; just because their local ordinance states ‘Lawns must be mowed every two weeks‘.'' PDF Excerpt

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Format: Short Screenplay

(Posted: 09/18/2010; Updated: 05/23/2014 ) [Detailed Script Listing]