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A young girl's imaginary friend starts killing her family off, one by one. But what can you do when you're only nine, and Death wants to play? Selected for The 2016 BloodList. Winner of the 2016 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Competition.

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By David J Schroeder.

A lost nuclear bomb is found on a stranded ship heading for the Gulf of Mexico.

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Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 08/18/2012; Updated: 07/08/2017 )

By Russ Meyer.  Interviews

An Army brat without a home town grows up, leaves his Army M.P. job to become a P.I. working out of his Grandfather’s storefront in Colorado gold country, his first case reveals a town full of secrets including one that destroyed his family years before, and a new secret that he must forever keep from his fiancée.. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

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Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 09/18/2012; Updated: 10/26/2017 )

By Stephen M. Hunt.  Interview

a boy repeatedly risks his life to save a family of swans which inspires his own disintegrating family to reunite (aka "A Potholed Path")

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Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 09/26/2014; Updated: 05/29/2017 )