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Berlin cold war aftermath: A Woman reconstructs shredded Stasi documents and stumbles upon a murder committed days after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Her curiosity gets the best of her and she almost gets killed. 1st Place, Table Read My Screenplay Historical Category, 2013

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By Russ Meyer.  Interviews

When a small time private investigator gets a chance at the big time taking on a prominent politician’s wife’s case; neither realizes they are in way over their heads, the political party has been shadowing her, and will do anything to protect her husband, a presumed future presidential candidate. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

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Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 03/16/2010; Updated: 01/02/2018 )

By Anne Kruse.  Interviews

A portal back to high school, 1972 thrusts a sexy, spoiled volleyball star into old-school, gender-splitting times where she accidentally ruins history and must piece it back together in her own creative way to find her way back home. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

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Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 08/25/2007; Updated: 01/09/2018 )

By Patrick Rodio.

An unsuccessful actress whose big break sit-com was just cancelled gets called back home to care for her dying father, forcing her to confront the family she left behind. Synopsis

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Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 02/09/2015; Updated: 07/06/2017 )