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Berlin cold war aftermath: A Woman reconstructs shredded Stasi documents and stumbles upon a murder committed days after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Her curiosity gets the best of her and she almost gets killed. 1st Place, Table Read My Screenplay Historical Category, 2013

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By Chris Courtney Martin.

A neurotic work-study student and her two best friends navigate the campus recreation center’s employee culture, college academia and their impending trek into the real world. Synopsis

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Format: TV Pilot

(Posted: 07/11/2017; Updated: 07/11/2017 )

By Lisa Hagen.

Six, potty mouthed volleyball players finally grow up when one accidentally donates an organ to save another.

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Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 06/03/2008; Updated: 07/13/2017 )

By Ashu Sahajpal.

With the writers lacking decent sketches hours before air time, Liz tries to crack the whip by causing a power outage. Meanwhile Jack is tested as a parent when Tracy Jordon reverts back to a child over his fear of the dark.

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Format: TV Episode

(Posted: 02/02/2010; Updated: 09/01/2017 )