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A smart-but-shy eighth-grade girl thinks she's finally found her niche when she joins a diverse robotics team, but when the team threatens to fall apart around her, she's forced to solve the kinds of problems even the best code won't fix. Winner, 2015 Contest of Contest Winners.

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By Stuart Creque.  Interviews

A Rwandan Tutsi farmer's third child is coming. As he waits on his front porch for the midwife to do her work, his oldest son arrives home with the news that a Hutu mob is also coming. PDF Excerpt

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Format: Short Screenplay

(Posted: 08/08/2010; Updated: 06/29/2017 )

By Diane Johnson.

A man goes on a blind date with a blind woman.

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Format: Short Screenplay

(Posted: 07/12/2012; Updated: 07/05/2017 )