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Fresh Voices Screenplay Competitition Grand Prize Winner: A small country town in middle America is plagued by a mysterious humming sound that only a percentage of residents can hear...

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By Clare Hawthorne.

A patriotic paramedic is charged with treason after he unwittingly saves the life of a terrorist

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 11/10/2018; Updated: 11/10/2018)

By Robert Herold.

On the trail of a serial killer, Seattle’s first police detective discovers that a prominent madam and her Chinese assistant may be the only moral people in this crime-infested city.

Format: TV Pilot

(Posted: 09/01/2018; Updated: 09/01/2018)

By Shannonn Kelly.

"Drive" meets "Sleeping With The Enemy" in this dramatic thriller about a pair of tentative lovers whose relationship gets derailed when a jealous ex shows up, forcing a devastating end to their burgeoning love story...

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 10/13/2016; Updated: 10/17/2018)

By Patrick Harrison.

An 18th Century Scottish soldier who survives the Battle of Culloden, captured after the brutal murder of his family, struggles with grief and the emotional damage he experiences as a British captive. His deportation and servitude in the American Colonies becomes an irony of fate that he defeats his adversaries.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 04/26/2012; Updated: 07/07/2018)

By Chuck McClelland.

An evil folklore character starts killing people in a small Pennsylvania town during the Christmas holidays as a young, inexperienced sheriff with his job on the line tries to stop him.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 06/16/2008; Updated: 07/25/2018)

By John Conner.

Logline: A former college football star battles survivors guilt from a past fatal car accident when a NFL scout recruits him as a practice player for training camp on a new expansion team.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 04/26/2007; Updated: 05/31/2018)

By Peter Phelan.

Will’s training Jack to behave like a breeder for a potential role on a primetime TV drama. The girls reckon they make a couple of dire straights.

Format: TV Episode

(Posted: 06/02/2005; Updated: 10/25/2018)

By Alexander Berger.

A loveably cantankerous old hermit struggles to save his obsolete used bookshop from being demolished by an offensively modern world, but his only ally is a shy, young, female writer who's trying to push him out of his comfort zone and into the 21st century.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 05/02/2018; Updated: 05/02/2018)

By Michael Faunce-Brown.

: An engaging, stroppy 12/13 year-old, having blinded his sister, must save for her eye operation by Christmas. He has to outwit ruthless crooks wanting his computer skills, or disappear.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 08/22/2014; Updated: 11/10/2018)

By David Beshears.

Dark Satire... John Smith is the first person ever sent downstairs due to a mix-up in the paperwork. While this is sorted out, he is assigned to work at Hades’ local television station, where he must deal with strange characters and stranger programming. All the more bizarre, he arrived just in time for Founder's Day.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 04/22/2013; Updated: 07/09/2018)

By Jeremy Carr.

Thriller/ Horror. Please query for more information.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 08/20/2012; Updated: 05/06/2018)

By Paul Pastore.

While playing in his father's old treehouse an inquisitive 10-year old boy sees things which make him believe one of his classmates has been kidnapped by a neighbor. The original version was a FINALIST in the 1997 Austin Heart-of Film Screenplay Competition.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 09/17/2010; Updated: 01/07/2019)

By Maria Lennon.

A young widow and her boy, who has Down syndrome, are paid off by her in-laws to disappear. She must learn to cope with life's demands to survive and forgive the people who hurt her to fully live. The Kite Flyer is an adaptation of Gail Gaymer Martin's inspirational fiction, "The Christmas Kite."

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 06/18/2010; Updated: 02/27/2018)

By Rhys Gledhill.

Two aging men find themselves legends in their small town after they are mistaken for superheroes and find themselves trapped in their roles.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 11/01/2009; Updated: 03/04/2018)

By Joan J.C..

"Cinderella Man" meets "Raging Bull" This 1933 depression era tale tells about the difficult rise to the top of a young Jewish kid from the East Side and his even more tumultuous relationship with a beautiful chorus girl.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 10/15/2008; Updated: 07/09/2018)

By kate maney.

During the summer of 1968, at her grandmother's Northern California resort cottage, 13-year-old Charley McKinnon learns about friendship, sex, love and forgiveness against the backdrop of America's growing social and political unrest.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 08/05/2008; Updated: 07/07/2018)

By Joan J.C..

"Fargo" meets "A Simple Plan" A mother risks her own life and that of her two children in order to reach what she believes is her badly injured husband. (low budget, mostly confined to a car)

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 07/23/2008; Updated: 07/09/2018)

By Joan J.C..

Unihorny-coming of age teen comedy. Guys are still wanting it, while girls are still dreaming of the impossible. Well, two impossibles: a decent guy or a one night stand with a rock star.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 02/23/2006; Updated: 07/09/2018)

By Joan J.C..

Female driven psychological thriller, titled, "Pieces from the Past" about a young woman that must deal with her husband, the abusive ex-stepfather who lives only in her own mind because she killed him fifteen years ago. *Sixth Sense* ending.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 01/05/2005; Updated: 07/09/2018)

By Joan J.C..

In the vein of "Liar, Liar" and "Bruce Almighty," meek mannered Calvin's dilemma begins when a copy machine falls into his lap. It helps him breakup with his controlling girlfriend. It helps him fall in love. It brings back people from the past. .. a supernatural comedy with a surprise twist ending ala "The Sixth Sense."

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 09/17/2004; Updated: 07/09/2018)

By Joan J.C..

A modern day "Bonnie and Clyde" meet "Oliver Twist" in a rural town when a boy searching for his unknown father instead finds a heist belonging to a gang of petty thieves. What makes some people chase their own tails to get what they want? Greed? Selfishness? In the pecking order of rural. small-time thieves, Cas is a King, but everything he does, he screws up one way or the other as he leads his pitiful gang of misfits around in circles, back to the miserable town that gave him birth, deciding one good score will help him escape this maze, forever.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 07/25/2004; Updated: 07/09/2018)

By Joan J.C..

Hi-jinx on campus ala "Legally Blonde" College comes late and early for three women...the DAUGHTER waiting for a scholarship...her MOTHER who works as a make-up artist for ...the TEENAGE ACTRESS who needs to experience college for her breakthrough starring role.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 10/07/2002; Updated: 07/09/2018)

By Joan J.C..

When a woman finds a dead body and her three-year-old son holding a gun, she’ll do anything to protect him. But, whom is she really protecting? “Double Jeopardy” meets “Erin Brockovich.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 04/21/2002; Updated: 07/09/2018)

By Brent Hartinger.

(Thriller/Horror): When Cleo rents a "shared" AirBnB unit, she worries the other guest, Jack, has a dark secret. But from Jack's POV, Cleo isn't who she claims to be either. Or maybe the real problem with this short-term rental isn't Jack or Cleo, but an even darker, more sinister presence watching them both. A small-cast, minimal-location script.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 01/21/2019; Updated: 01/21/2019)

By William Parsons.

A reckless teenager with an uncanny ability to heal endangers his buddy and infuriates his dad with a thoughtless stunt and must prove he can at last think of others.

Format: Short Screenplay

(Posted: 08/03/2017; Updated: 06/27/2018)

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