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After a tragic death, a grieving mother moves into an isolated farm to help her troubled teenage son cope – only to discover the farm is haunted by the ghost of a young man who committed suicide there, and he’s targeted her son as his next victim. 1st Place, Stage 32/Happy Writers New Blood, 2015.

South Carolina Underground Film Festival

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By Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel.

In 1840, an unconventional widow risks her life when she joins forces with a charismatic journalist, brutalized tenant farmers and a traumatized exile she rescues in Montreal, to stop the most powerful men in Scotland from violently evicting Gaelic Highlanders, unaware of her own family's complicity in the ethnic cleansing.

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Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 02/22/2014; Updated: 04/25/2017 )

By Stephen M. Hunt.  Interview

a man embarks upon the murder of his lover simply as a test of his willpower. Synopsis

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Format: Short Screenplay

(Posted: 01/18/2014; Updated: 05/29/2017 )

By Danielle Erlich.

Currently in the TOP TEN winning scripts in the genres of Action-Adventure (#4), Sci-Fi (#3), and fantasy (#2). In order to find out the truth about his own origins, a young outcast named Lachlan travels to a magical world he never knew existed, after being beaten and bullied on his high school graduation day. When he arrives, he finds out his father, the king, has been kidnapped and it is up to Lachlan to rescue him and marshal good against evil in this battle for all humanity. "Legacy" is the winner of 8 awards and 18 festival selections. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

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Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 10/20/2017; Updated: 02/20/2018 )