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By Robert Gately.

A retired police officer goes to the current-day Army/Navy football game with his two wacky friends intending to jump onto the field and score a touchdown he should’ve scored decades ago when he fumbled during the same football classic as time ran out, only this time dozens of security guards await him, and it’ll be a friggin’ miracle if he succeeds.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 08/19/2003; Updated: 01/09/2019)

By James Ossi.

She's a French artist's model. He's a New York artist. Together they vibrate in harmonic insanity. Explosive love. Ludicrous sex. Preposterous adventures. Against the world ... but right ... but happily insane.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 02/06/2004; Updated: 01/05/2019)

By Patrick J. Rodio.

Desperate for money after a financial aid screw-up, Kenny and his college buddies attempt to make an adult film on-campus and sell it for a quick buck.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 02/12/2006; Updated: 02/19/2018)

By Patrick J. Rodio.

For four-time divorcee Zucker and barely legal (and very wealthy) Alexa, it was love at first sight. But after Zucker panics and runs off to Mexico with two million dollars of her father’s cash (also leaving Alexa deep in debt), Zucker realizes just how important she is to him and hatches a plan to escape Mexico and return to his true love.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 01/27/2007; Updated: 02/19/2018)

By Robert Heske and Kevin Passarelli.

After inheriting a lucky BINGO marker, a nebbish BINGO caller lands his own show and goes head-to-head in the ratings with the mean-spirited host of "America's Funniest Funerals". When the competition steals his girl, it's up to HIM to make his own luck.

Format: Screenplay

(Posted: 10/30/2005; Updated: 09/03/2018)